May 26, 2020
Visa tips

Steps were taken when applying for a Vietnam e-visa for transit purpose

Citizens of selected countries that are eligible for Vietnam e-visa (Country list for Vietnam e-visa) who are transiting Vietnam to an onward destination can  for an e-visa for Vietnam with transit purpose, they are taking the chance to apply online before they make their transit trip to Vietnam. The Vietnam e-visa for transit purpose is required to be submitted at least 72 hours before the individual takes on an outward flight to Vietnam. For applying an e-visa for transit purpose, individuals are requested to submit:

  • Personal information, which includes the full name, birth and passport details.
  • A digital passport photo of your face.
  • Individuals are required to answer all the questions related to their trip in Vietnam.
  • A digital scan copy of the passport is required, which has a validity of 6 months left.
  • The payment of the e-visa fees should be done with either debit or credit card.

Once the Vietnam e-visa for transit purpose is approved, a copy of the e-visa will be sent to the email address of the applicant, they are requested to print off the e-Visa form and produce them at the immigration control before passing through. If you are not sure whether you will be granted permission to enter the country or not, it is important to check all the e-visa requirements. That will help you ensure whether or not you will be granted access to the country through the online system.


The online tourist visa that you can get for Vietnam is valid for only one entry into the country and you can stay for up to thirty days during this time.  The same tourist e-visa cannot be used for leaving and coming to the country one more time.

The usual processing time for Vietnam e-visa for tourist takes anywhere between 24 hours to 72 hours. Only in rare scenarios it can take longer than that.

Here is the link of the official website of the government for Vietnam e-visa :

It takes anywhere around 24 to 72 hours to process the application. However, if there are errors in the application or if the form is incomplete, it might take longer.

So far, citizens of 81 countries (Country list for Vietnam e-visa) can apply for a Vietnam e-visa. e-Visa Vietnam allows visitors to stay in Vietnam for up to 30 days, with one entry (1 month single entry).

Children who have their own passport should submit a separate application for Vietnam e-visa. Accompanied children who is included in their father or mother’s passport should be in same visa application for Vietnam e-visa with their father or mother.