Since more and more foreigners are visiting Vietnam these days, you will find many companies that offer assistance for all sorts of Vietnam visa services. Aside from helping foreigners with their Vietnam visa applications, these companies also provide assistance for visa extensions, renewals, and other visa-related services.

If you’re currently in Sapa City but realized that your visa is already expiring yet you don’t have any intention of leaving Vietnam yet, you can apply for a visa extension from Vietnam Immigration. That way, the validity of your visa will be extended, which then allows you to stay in Sapa City for a

The Vietnam visa extension service is highly recommended for foreign travelers in Sapa City who wanted to extend their stay. This service will extend the validity of their Vietnam visas.

You have probably heard about the visa extension, a process that allows you to extend the validity of your Vietnamese visa so you can stay longer in Vietnam. But another option that’s available for foreigners wanting to stay longer in the country is the visa renewal.

Sapa is a mountain town famous for its towering peaks, beautiful terraces, and picturesque villages. Indeed, the views here are truly amazing, so it does not come as a surprise why so many foreigners have decided to stay longer.