French travelers that require a multiple-entry visa to Vietnam and plan to stay there for more than a month should opt for the Visa on Arrival. With this visa, you can choose to stay in the country for a maximum of 60 days.

Since Vietnam e-visa must be applied online, the entire process is pretty straightforward. Unlike the standard type of visa where you need to visit an embassy of Vietnam and personally hand out your visa requirements, this type of visa will only require you to go online.

The cost of the Vietnam e-visa will vary. Generally, the standard processing time for e-visa is 3 business days.

When applying for the Vietnam e-visa for French citizens, you’ll be required to accomplish an online application form. You just need to use your laptop or mobile phone and access the official website for the Vietnam e-visa application.

The entire e-visa procedure is carried out online. As such it takes far lesser time in comparison to the other visa procedures.

Before proceeding to apply for Vietnam e-visa for French citizens, there are a number of pre-requisites that need to be met. Keeping them ready at hand will facilitate the process of application even further: You must be holding a valid French passport with minimum six months validity left at the time of application and travel

The Vietnam e-visa for French citizens is a single entry visa with 30 days of validity from the proposed date of entry indicated on your visa application. Here is how to apply for Vietnam e-visa for French citizens Fill out the online application form by giving your right personal information like the place of arrival,

If you are French citizen and want to stay more than 15 days, you can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival which allows to stay upto 3 months. Here is how to apply Visa on arrival for French passport holders You have to fill the online application form with your personal information such as your name, date

There are several ways you can get a visa to Vietnam, including apply through the Embassy, get approval letter through Visa on Arrival, and Vietnam e-visa for French. Although you can get a visa through these options, Vietnam e-visa for French seems to be an ideal option.

Whether you need visa or not depends on the length of your stay and the number of times you wish to enter Vietnam. Only a few countries are allowed to enter Vietnam without visa and French citizens is one of them.

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