February 17, 2020
Visa Fast Track

The benefit of Using Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Nha Trang city Airport

If you’re thinking of visiting Nha Trang, a coastal city in Vietnam that’s famous for its beautiful beaches, the best thing that you can do is to fly directly to its airport, the Cam Ranh International Airport. The Cam Ranh Airport serves the city of Nha Trang and handles millions of passengers each year. Most of these passengers are foreign visitors that require a visa to enter the country. As such, using the Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Nha Trang city Airport is highly recommended.

If you’ll hire the Fast Track Service, you can eliminate the need to queue for your Visa on Arrival. That’s because their staff will process the visa on your behalf. Someone will be there to welcome you as you arrive and escort you towards the visa counter. At the counter, you’ll just wait on one side while the staff takes care of your visa.

What Is the Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

There are different kinds of visas that foreign visitors can apply for Vietnam. The most popular of them is the Visa on Arrival, which you can obtain at the airport in Vietnam. Since you’re flying to Nha Trang, you can apply for this visa at Cam Ranh Airport. Depending on your intended length of stay in Vietnam, you get to choose from the following:

  • 1-month single entry
  • 3-months single entry
  • 1-month multiple-entry
  • 3-months multiple-entry

Requesting for a Pre-approval Letter

It’s worth noting that the Visa on Arrival would require you to submit a pre-approval letter. This is a letter that you need to apply ahead of time. You’ll have to show this at the airport’s visa counter in order to be given a visa stamp. This is also what you will show at the airline staff when checking in for your flight. It will serve as a proof that you will get your visa upon arrival in Nha Trang.

If you will use the Fast Track Service, indicate on your letter request that you need it. That way, they can arrange for someone to meet you as you arrive at Nha Trang city airport. Upon your arrival, just give the staff the pre-approval letter, your passport, and other requirements. Wait for a few minutes and the staff will be back with your passport with a visa stamp.

The benefit of Using Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Nha Trang city Airport

The Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Nha Trang city Airport can make your visa application seamless and hassle-free. It’s highly recommended to those who are in a hurry and don’t have the time to queue at the visa counter. In case you didn’t know, the airport of Nha Trang is one of the busiest airports in Vietnam. That’s not really surprising since the city is a popular tourist destination.

You can avoid the long queues if you will book the Fast Track Option. By paying only a minimal fee, you’ll be treated like a VIP and get out of the airport fast and easy. Instead of queuing for hours for your visa, you’ll receive it in only a few minutes. This is truly very useful if you’ll arrive in Vietnam in the middle of the night. For parents traveling with small kids, this service will be a great help.

How To Book the Visa on Arrival Fast Track Service at Nha Trang city Airport?

The Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Nha Trang city Airport is a great option to consider. But how can you avail of this service? As mentioned, you just need to apply for the pre-approval letter and indicate that you want the fast track option. After you fill out the form online and make a payment, you’ll be sent an email to confirm your booking. In only a few days, you’ll get an email for the pre-approval letter. Just print it out and bring it on your trip.

When you arrive at Cam Ranh airport, look for the staff that has a banner with your name. Follow the staff towards the Immigration area where your visa will be processed. Give her or him the letter, your passport, and other requirements. Wait comfortably on one side and in a few minutes, you’ll get your passport back. The passport has the visa sticker on it and you can then proceed to Passport Control. Give your passport with the visa and you will be stamped for entry.

You might be thinking of applying for the visa on your own. But the long queue at the counter might just tire you down, which could spoil your holiday to Nha Trang. By paying only a small amount, you can enjoy the utmost comfort and convenience when getting your visa. Indeed, the Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Nha Trang city Airport is truly worth it!


If you’re planning a trip to the province of Nha Trang in Vietnam, you might want to consider using the Nha Trang Airport Meet and Greet. They will help you in passing through the airport fast and easy.

Vietnam is one of the countries in Southeast Asia, which has many tourists from around the world yearly. It is famous for its natural attractions and thrill-seeking adventurous spots.

Nha Trang City Airport in Vietnam is generally found crowded all-around a year. It is due to the popularity of the Nha Trang city.

Vietnam is quite a famous country among the people who wish to explore. The country generates lot of revenue through tourism as more and more people keep visiting the country.

Vietnam is a country known for its scenic landscape and diverse culture. The nation attracts a lot of tourists, students and professionals from across the world.

Waiting in a long queue at the airport is one of the most frustrating things for travelers. It is because no one wants to wait for a long after a tiring flight.

Vietnam is a wonderful coastal country in Asia and a perfect destination for summer. If you love warm sunny sea beaches, Vietnam is a perfect choice for you.

Vietnam is indeed a beautiful, unique, and breathtaking nation that every person wishes to visit. On the contrary, the most tiring part is completing all the formalities at the airport.

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places to visit. In fact, every year many tourist and business people arrive to Vietnam.