November 29, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

The Steps Required To Receive A Visa For The Emirati Citizen

The beautiful nation of Vietnam invites all individuals from around the world to its unique land and inspires them to explore, discover and spend quality time with their family and friends. It also gives opportunities to individuals to complete their education, allows businesses to set up as well. Above all, the country attracts half of the earth’s inhabitants for all types of activities that it has in store. This article is about Vietnam visa for Emirati citizen.

Do Emirati Citizens need a Visa for Vietnam?

Yes, to enter the nation, the Vietnam visa for Emirati citizen is mandatory. It is an electronic alternative of the traditional visa approval process. It ensures optimum flexibility for the applicants. This will help the Emirati nationals avoid standing in the queues for hours at the Vietnamese migration point. Also, with help of the Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen, the process of obtaining a visa will be quicker and faster at the same time.

Vietnam e-Visa for Emirati Citizens

Every Emirati national will need a visa to enter the country of Vietnam.

  • What is Vietnam e-Visa?

Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizens provides clearance for UAE nationals to enter and travel Vietnam. Payment and delivery of the visa is completely online, and probably takes 3-4 business days. Country list for Vietnam e-visa.

  • Difference between e-visa and visa on arrival

Emirati nationals can apply for visa on arrival after they arrive at any of the international checkout points of Vietnam. You are required to present the immigration authorities with required documents and fees at the dedicated counters at the airport. E-visa, on the other hand, you can generate online. You will have to pay the fees online and upload the necessary documents. You will receive your e-visa through email.

  • Number of days of stay

Emirati citizens can apply for single entry visa and multiple entry visas for Vietnam. With an e-visa, they only use it for single entry (for tourism or business purpose) with the maximum of 30-day stay. With visa on arrival, Emiratis can stay as long as for 30-90 days with single and multiple visits included for both tourism and business purpose.

  • Reapplication when expired

E-visa is only valid for 30 days. After expiry, you will have to leave the country. If you want to stay more without leaving the country, please email to for support.

Vietnam e-Visa requirements for Emirati Citizens

It is very important for all the individuals to meet all the documentation needs during the process of filling the application. Therefore, the steps required to receive the Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen are known to be very much straightforward and will take a few minutes for it to complete.

Here is the list of essentials for the Vietnam e-visa.

  • Apply for the visa 7 days before your arrival to the country.
  • Provide your personal information with a recently taken photo of your face. Photo Guide.
  • The Emirati passport must carry: The scan of the page that has your bio and the photo; The passport must stay valid at least 6 months before the arrival; The passport must carry two blank pages.
  • For the travels, you should provide: The address or addresses of your hotel; Dates of stay; Name of the city.

Vietnam e-Visa Application Procedures

Since the whole process is done through the online platform, individuals will receive their approved visa in their email. The authorities send the email once the process of verification is completed. For all Emirati citizens, you should print out your Vietnam visa for Emirati citizen, as it will be easier for you to show it to the authorities located at the borders of the country. So, the individuals who carry dual citizenship should to use the passport, which they have specified in the visa application process.

Therefore, individuals who are applying for the Vietnam visa for Emirati citizen from the UAE itself must use their Emirati passport and have to be very careful when bringing the documents with them during their visit. This is because, if there is a single mistake in the documents, or you do not possess them on your visit, things might become quite complicated for you in the process.

It will take up to 3 business days to receive the e-visa. Hence, the factors may differ from each other as well. So, follow the guide and get your e-visa approved today!