February 23, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Tick the right checkboxes for Vietnam e-visa for Liechtenstein

The citizens of Liechtenstein consider Vietnam as their second home. The traveling expenses are also quite less, as well as you will get more frequent flights that are going from Liechtenstein to Vietnam. For the last few years, there is a growth in the tourism sector and this is because of the beautiful places in the country. Most of the country’s revenue is generated from tourism and this is mainly because of Liechtenstein’s citizens.

Vietnam is a country that has a lot of beautiful and mesmerizing places to visit. But to enter the country, you must have a valid visa. Opt for the Vietnam e-visa for Liechtenstein process to get the e-visa as early as possible. The whole point of applying for e-visa is you need to apply through an online mode. You only need to have a system at your home and an internet connection. Without wasting much time, let’s start looking at the details of Vietnam’s e-visa.

Know about the Vietnam e-visa for Liechtenstein 

There is a lot to see in Vietnam starting from quaint villages to mesmerizing towns. It won’t be possible to visit the country only once. But whenever you are visiting you need to have a visa. Without a visa, no foreigner is allowed to enter the country. Being a citizen of Liechtenstein, you can apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Liechtenstein through an online portal. The process that one needs to follow while applying for this is quite easy. It is the best way to get a visa within a short time.

Irrespective of the purpose of the visit, the Vietnam e-visa for Liechtenstein will allow you to reside in the country for 30 days. It is a single entry visa and it means that you are allowed to enter the country for one time only. If you wish to expand your vacation or go to some other foreign land, you need to have a new visa. You are not eligible to do that with the same one.

The procedure of applying for the e-visa

The procedure that one needs to follow while applying for Vietnam e-visa for Liechtenstein is simple and anybody will be able to do it easily. You just need to make sure that all the information that you are providing are accurate and correct. The e-visa will be received by the citizens of Liechtenstein within 3 business days. You will receive it in a softcopy format and you will need to print that e-visa. But make sure that the email address that you have provided while applying for the e-visa is correct.

Remember, it is always better to avoid mistakes otherwise the application will get delayed. It can cost you big time as it can undergo a face-to-face rejection or might take a lot of time. A processing fee needs to be made while applying for the Vietnam e-visa for Liechtenstein and you must do it through an online mode.

Different visa requirements for Liechtenstein nationals

A set of requirements are there that one must follow to get Vietnam e-visa for Liechtenstein. The first thing that you need to provide is a passport that must be valid for more than half a year. The validity must be counted from the date you are applying for the e-visa. Without having a passport, there is no point in applying for e-visa as it will simply come under rejection. It should contain all the details such as nationality, date of birth, a temporary address, and many more. Details such as the number of days you wish to stay in the country and arrival and departure dates also have to be mentioned. Minors who are applying for Vietnam e-visa for Liechtenstein must need to apply along with their parents.

Advantages of applying for Vietnam’s e-visa

The Vietnam e-visa for Liechtenstein visa process is quite popular and it is because of the few reasons that are stated below.

  1. The processing time is quite faster that means you will receive the e-visa within 8 hours if you apply through super-fast mode.
  2. There is no need to stand in the queue for hours to get your e-visa as you will be receiving it through an online mode.
  3. The processing fee that you need to pay to get the e-visa is also quite less.

Last notes on e-visa for Liechtenstein nationals

Getting the e-visa can be quite easy if you follow the right tips. The information that is available in this document will be your reference in this regard. So, go ahead and start the application process today!


Citizens of Liechtenstein who are planning a trip to Vietnam should now start applying for the Vietnam e-visa. This is an electronic visa that’s issued to foreign visitors who are traveling to Vietnam and require a visa to enter the country.