February 3, 2020
Meet and Assist

Van Don Airport Meet and Assist: How It Can Help You

If you enjoy going on vacation on sea beaches, then you will enjoy the country of Vietnam. This is a Southeast Asian country on the coasts of the East Vietnam Sea. You can enjoy the beautiful golden beach, the turquoise sea, the rivers, Buddhist pagodas and mausoleums, and the unique Vietnamese cuisine and culture.

If you have booked your tickets to Vietnam this summer and arriving at Van Don Airport, then it is worth knowing about the Van Don Airport Meet and Assist service. Vietnamese airports often experience long lines at the customs, and if you are visiting during the tourist season, be prepared to wait for a long time. The meet and assist service can help you to move through the procedures faster and smoother. 

What is Van Don Airport Meet and Assist?

The service is available to anyone passing through the Van Don Airport. If you avail of this service, you will be assisted by an agent to go through the immigration procedures easily and quickly. This is very useful if you want to save time and want to enter or exit the country soon.

How It’s Done

The Van Don Airport Meet and Assist service is an optional service that you can book through an agent online. This is available for both arrival and departure.

If you are arriving at Van Don Airport, you will be greeted by the agent as soon as you land. He will invite you and guide you inside the airport. Your luggage will be carried in by a porter, so you don’t have to worry about that. The agent will then quickly and efficiently complete the immigration formalities while you wait. You can avoid the long lines and be done within minutes.

If you avail the Van Don Airport Meet and Assist on departure, you will be greeted by the agent at the airport. He will take care of your luggage and add tags so you can have a smooth landing at the airport. He will assist you through the check-in procedures and let you again bypass long queues and save time. Afterward, you can sit and relax while you wait for your flight.

The VIP service

The meet and assist services are available for VIP also. The agent will wait with a flag and help you to get done with the formalities quickly. You can also book a vehicle with an extra charge.

Who Can Avail This Service?

The Van Don Airport Meet and Assist service is ideal for anyone who is traveling for the first time to Vietnam. If you have any confusion or queries, this service will help you to understand them. As you will be assisted throughout the whole process, you can avoid any mistakes and unnecessary delays.

This service is useful to anyone who wants to save time. Whether you are in a hurry or a busy businessman, you can use this service. You will be tired after a long flight journey or an extended holiday. In that situation, you can opt for the meet and assist service. That way, your airport formalities will be handled quickly by the agent while you can relax.

If you are traveling with children, older adults, a patient, disabled person or pregnant woman, you can use the meet and assist service for a smooth transition from and to the airport.


First of all, the Van Don Airport Meet and Assist service lets you skip long lines at the airport and save you precious time. You can book the service depending on your flight times. You will be given cordial treatment and assistance throughout the procedure, and your luggage will be handled with care at all times. If you’re traveling with a sick person, or elders, this service also saves them from any physical trouble.

Most importantly, your airport formalities will be handled quickly and hassle-free. You can be in a holiday mood without having to worry about serious details.

Final thoughts

Avail the meet and assist service, and you can have an improved travel experience when you are vacationing in Vietnam. Be done with the airport formalities, so you can quickly begin your vacation.


Love travelling? Then you must visit Vietnam. Anyone with a keen soul of wanderer will fall in love with Vietnam’s lush green land, warm sunny weather, its oceans and rivers and of course the history, culture, tradition that is engraved into its pagodas, mausoleums, markets, and  people.

I’ve seen many images of Ha Long bay, heard much about the beauty of Ha Long. I know that Halong bay is very nice and had secretly wished to set foot once.

The Van Don Airport Meet and Greet concierge services permit the clients to have a smooth excursion at the air terminal. The travelers get direction from the time they enter the air terminal until the time they step out of the air terminal.

Von Don International airport is one of the seven international air terminals of Vietnam. It is also one of the newest addition in the list of Vietnam airports.

For experiencing the thrill of adventures and sightseeing, travelling is fun. Travelers claim to experience a complete hassle of the journey before they drift towards Vietnam and its natural beauty.

Traveling is fun when it is related to sightseeing and experiencing the thrill-seeking adventures. However, many travelers experience a full of hassle journey before they drift towards the natural beauty of Vietnam.

Traveling can be fun but only when the initial part of it is calm. Yea, we are talking about the airport.

Van Don airport, also known as the Quang Ninh International Airport, is the newest airport in Vietnam. The airport is situated in the densely populated island within the Bai Tu Long archipelago.