January 25, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam E-Visa via Van Don Airport – All You Need To Know!

Are you planning to visit Ha Long city in Vietnam for your next vacation? And wondering how to apply for a valid Vietnam visa to enter the country? Then you can opt for Vietnam e-visa via Van Don Airport! It is one of the best options to visit Ha Long city in Vietnam. Van Don is the name of the airport in Ha Long city.

Vietnam E-Visa Process

To get a valid Vietnam visa, you can choose Vietnam e-visa via Van Don Airport option. To apply for a Vietnam e-visa, you need to make sure that you know all the details correctly that are in your passport. Then you need to find a reliable traveling agency to apply for Vietnam e-visa. By choosing a trust-worthy traveling agency, you can get 100% money back if your visa application is rejected by the government. So choose a reliable one. After choosing the travel agency, search for the Vietnam E-visa application form in their website and start filling the details asked in the form. Some of the details asked include

  • Your name
  • Date of birth
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Date of entry
  • Date of exit
  • Entry port
  • Passport number
  • Passport expire date, etc.

Make sure that you fill the form with correct details. Incorrect details may lead to rejection of visa application. So be careful while you fill the online e-visa application form. Also, have a softcopy of your passport front page to upload for the application process. It may take only a few minutes to complete the application. You can apply from anywhere and anytime.

Step By Step Procedure

1st Step: Fill the online application form with all correct data. Check twice before you submit the form.

2nd Step: You need to upload the softcopy of the necessary documents during application process.

3rd Step: Then make the payment for service via credit or debit card or Paypal. See Vietnam visa fees for update.

4th Step: Get your e-visa approval

As the Vietnam e-visa via Van Don Airport is issued by the immigration department of Vietnam, you no need to waste your time collecting the visa from the destination airport.

Vietnam E-Visa – Eligibility

To apply for Vietnam e-visa, you need to satisfy certain conditions and some are mentioned below for your reference.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

  • You need to complete the application form without any error
  • Have to pay the service fee in single payment
  • You can apply for e-visa only if you are ok with one month single entry Vietnam visa.
  • If you are traveling with your children, then you need to apply for separate visa for them
  • Since the Vietnam e-visa option is permitted only for specific 81 countries, you need to make sure that your country is in that list. Only then you can apply for Vietnam e-visa.
  • You passport should have at least six months validity from the date of entering Vietnam.

How Vietnam E-Visa Option Is Beneficial?

Comparing to contacting the Vietnam embassy in your country, applying for Vietnam e-visa via Van Don Airport provide you more benefits and some are

  • No need to wait in long queue at the embassy.
  • Save your time, as filling the online application form take just a few minutes.
  • You will receive the e-visa approval in very short time.
  • Your details will be secure
  • Travel agency will provide full money back, if your application is rejected by the government
  • No need to wait in airport counter to collect your visa and stamping it.
  • Apply from anywhere and at any time. You can even apply from other countries.

Know More About Vietnam E-Visa

As the Vietnam e-visa process is simple, most people make use of it to get their Vietnam visa in short time. The Vietnam e-visa can be applicable in all the ports. So you can make use of Vietnam e-visa option to enter Vietnam even through land port and sea port. But, make sure to mention the correct port name while you apply the Vietnam e-visa.

You can also opt for fast track service to make your process easy at the airport. The fast track service can be opted for the travelers traveling through air. They will wait at the airport to welcome you and help you do all the formalities at the airport within minutes. Then they will lead you to the luggage lounge and then to the airport parking area to help you pick your taxi to your next destination.

To have a peaceful journey, you need to choose a right travel agency to apply for your Vietnam visa. They help you get the visa approval letter in short time. Most travel agencies provide 100% cash back guarantee for the applications that are rejected by the government. So think wise before you choose the travel agency.


Von Don International airport is one of the seven international air terminals of Vietnam. It is also one of the newest addition in the list of Vietnam airports.

For experiencing the thrill of adventures and sightseeing, travelling is fun. Travelers claim to experience a complete hassle of the journey before they drift towards Vietnam and its natural beauty.

Traveling is fun when it is related to sightseeing and experiencing the thrill-seeking adventures. However, many travelers experience a full of hassle journey before they drift towards the natural beauty of Vietnam.

Traveling can be fun but only when the initial part of it is calm. Yea, we are talking about the airport.

Van Don airport, also known as the Quang Ninh International Airport, is the newest airport in Vietnam. The airport is situated in the densely populated island within the Bai Tu Long archipelago.

Halong Bay is perhaps the most popular attraction of Vietnam. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the main reason why millions would come to the country for a holiday.