March 10, 2021
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[Van Don Airport] VIP Fast-track Immigration and Hotel Transfer

If you’re heading to Ha Long Bay, the fastest way is to fly directly to Van Don International Airport, also known as the Ha Long Airport. Located in the Van Don District of Quang Ninh Province, the airport is about 50 km. away from the Ha Long Bay. This airport is the first privately owned airport in Vietnam, owned by Sun Group.

For visitors who need assistance in passing through the airport, they can use the VIP Fast Track Immigration and Hotel Transfer Service. This service will let you pass through the airport with ease. An agent will be waiting for you as you get off the plane and will guide you towards passing through security checks, immigration counter, and until such time that you get out of the airport. What’s more, they can even arrange a vehicle that will take you to Ha Long Bay coming from the airport.

Van Don International Airport Arrival Services

For visitors who need help in getting visa stamping and porter service upon their arrival at the Van Don International Airport, they can rely on the VIP Fast Track Immigration and Hotel Transfer Service. An agent will personally meet you when you arrive and will take you towards the Immigration counter for your visa stamping. Since you will be using the fast track lane, you can save time from having to queue along with the other passengers.

There are two options that you can avail for the airport arrival services:

  1. Fast Track – with this service, the staff will be with you at the Landing Visa Counter to assist you in the processing of your visa. The staff will be holding a banner with your name so you will recognize him or her. In only 5 to 10 minutes, you will get your passport back, and with a Vietnam visa attached to it.
  2. VIP Fast Track – for this service, the staff will not only assist you in getting a visa stamp. After you get your visa, the staff will guide you towards Passport Control. From here, you will be assisted in the luggage counter by carrying your bags and sending you all the way to your waiting car.

Who Should Avail of the VIP Fast Track Immigration Service

Anyone who wanted to enjoy comfort and convenience when passing through Van Don International Airport should consider using the VIP Fast Track Immigration Service. This service is highly recommended to the following travelers:

  • Businessmen
  • Elderly
  • Pregnant travelers
  • Travelers with infants
  • Groups of tourists

For businessmen who travel to Ha Long for business, they should hire the Fast Track Service so they can get out of the airport fast with no hassles. This will prevent them from getting late for their important business meetings.

Elderly travelers who may have difficulty in passing through airport security and immigration can also benefit from the service. Pregnant visitors, as well as those with infants and small kids, can also rely on the Fast Track Service for assistance. Tourists who are traveling in a group can save a lot of time in passing through Van Don International Airport if they will use the Fast Track Service.

Advantages of Using the Van Don International Airport Fast Track Immigration Service

Here are some of the advantages that you can get by using the Fast Track Immigration Service in Van Don Airport:

  • Services will be implemented quickly, which saves you a lot of time.
  • You will be personally met at the aircraft gate.
  • Receive visa stamp at the landing visa counter after only a few minutes.
  • Escorted through the fast-track immigration lane.
  • Baggage porters will help in carrying your bags for convenience.
  • A vehicle will be waiting for you at the airport terminal so you can save time in having to hire a taxi going to Ha Long Bay.

Take note that you can always request for other services, so feel free to contact them in advance.

Van Don International Airport Departure Services

Aside from the arrival services, the Fast Track Immigration Service also provides Airport Departure Services. This is highly recommended to passengers who wanted a fast and easy way of checking in for their flights when departing Van Don Airport. An agent will be waiting for you at the airport and assist you upon checking in. The departure services will include the following:

  • Meet and assist at the airport curbside.
  • Baggage porters will be carrying your bags from your car going to the check-in counter.
  • Pre-check-in service, depending upon the airline.
  • Expedited check-in and security process.
  • Escort you to the lounge where you can wait comfortably for your flight.

As you can see, you can enjoy comfort and convenience when you use the Fast Track Immigration Service at Van Don International Airport. Their services do not cost a lot of money, yet you can greatly benefit from them.

For inquiries, feel free to contact:

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If you’re planning to visit Ha Long Bay on your trip to Vietnam, flying directly to Van Don Airport is highly recommended. This airport is only less than an hour away from Ha Long Bay, which is nearer compared to Hanoi.

Aside from the pre-approval letter, you are required to submit other requirements to claim your visa. Make sure you have these requirements with you before flying to Vietnam.

Here are the steps on how to apply for the Vietnam Landing Visa In Van Don Airport. Fill out the application for the visa online.

Once you have your e-visa available, you’ll receive an email to inform you of this. Click on the link from your email and follow the instructions on how to download the e-visa.

The first thing that you need to do is to go online. You can use your computer or mobile phone for this.

First, fill out the details that are being asked from you on the visa application form. Review everything and make sure that the spelling is correct.

For getting Vietnam Landing Visa in Van Don Airport, you first must have the visa approval letter (also called pre-approved visa). Step 1 : Apply online for visa approval Find a trusty website with 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied to apply online with them for the visa approval letter.