January 21, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam E-visa Application for Citizens of Peru

If you’re a citizen of Peru and you’re looking for information on how to apply for a visa to Vietnam, well you’re in the right place. In this article, you’ll learn how to apply for the Vietnam e-visa. The e-visa is the easiest of all Vietnam visas to apply. It’s an online visa that you can easily apply over the Internet.

Not all nationalities are eligible for the Vietnam e-visa. It was February of 2017 when the Vietnam government launched this type of visa. At that time, they have made it available only to 40 countries. But nowadays, there are more than 80 nationalities that are eligible for the Vietnam e-visa and the citizens of Peru are among them.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

What is Vietnam’s e-Visa for Peruvian Citizens?

As mentioned, the Vietnam e-visa is a type of Vietnam visa that you can easily apply online. It’s like an online version of the standard visa that the Vietnam government would issue to visiting foreigners. The visa will be sent to you via email. You can download it online and print a physical copy of the visa, which is what you will present at the border when entering the country.

Applying for the Vietnam e-visa is so convenient. You just use your mobile device or computer. Go online and open the website for the Vietnam e-visa application. From there, you can follow the instructions on how to fill out the form and submit your application.

What is the Validity of the Vietnam e-Visa?

Peruvian travelers who are holding an e-visa can enter the country once and stay there for up to 30 days or one month. If you need a long-term visa that will grant you a stay of more than 30 days, you can choose other visa options, such as the Visa on Arrival. With the Vietnam Visa on Arrival, you will be able to enter the country multiple times and stay for up to 60 days or two months.

If you’re holding the e-visa and you decided to extend your holiday, you can request for a visa extension. In this case, you need to get in touch with an agency in Vietnam that can re-apply for a visa on your behalf.

What are Vietnam E-visa Requirements for Peruvian Citizens?

Thankfully, there are not a lot of requirements that you need to prepare when applying for the Vietnam e-visa. Just like with applying for a visa to other countries, the most important requirement is your passport. So before you start with your application, you must have your passport ready. It’s important that your passport has a validity of at least six months from your date of entry to the country.

Aside from your passport, you’ll also be asked to upload a passport-sized photo (Photo Guide). It should be taken recently and must be in jpeg format since you need to upload it online. You also need to provide a valid email address, as this is where you will receive updates on the status of your visa. As for the payment, you should have a debit card or credit card ready. It’s also possible to pay with PayPal if you have one.

How To Use the E-visa When Entering Vietnam

Once your e-visa application is approved, you will receive an email with instructions on how you can download a copy of the e-visa. In it, you will find a link where you can key-in the registration code that was given to you. That’s why it’s important that you save a copy of the registration code that they will email you after submitting your e-visa application.

Once you have a copy of the e-visa, print a copy to bring on your trip. Present one copy to the immigration along with your passport. If possible, print two copies so you will have an extra copy just in case you’ll misplace the other one. Remember, you are required to bring an e-visa copy with you wherever you may go while you are in Vietnam.

Important Things to Keep In Mind

As you can see, applying for a Vietnam e-visa for Peruvian citizens is so easy. It’s not as complicated as going to a Vietnam embassy and submitting the application form personally.

However, it’s very important that you carefully review the application form before submitting it. Sometimes, the reason why the processing of your e-visa is delayed is because of some inaccuracies in your visa application. You must make sure that the details on your visa application should be the same as what’s on your passport. That way, you will not have any issues when entering the country.

Although the processing of the Vietnam e-visa is fast, it’s important to apply for your e-visa at least two weeks before your travel date. That way, there will be ample time for your e-visa to be processed.