September 27, 2023
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-Visa Fee for Cape Verdean Citizens: A Comprehensive Guide

Are you a citizen of Cape Verde and planning a trip to Vietnam? If so, it’s important to know about the Vietnam e-Visa fee for Cape Verdean citizens. The Vietnam e-Visa is a convenient and hassle-free way to obtain a visa for your travel to Vietnam. In this article, we will provide you with all the information you need to know about the e-Visa fee for Cape Verdean citizens.

Types of Vietnam e-Visa

There are four types of Vietnam e-Visa available for Cape Verdean citizens, each with its own duration and entry type. The fees for these e-Visa types are as follows:

  1. Single-entry E-visa (30 days validity): US$25
  2. Multiple-entry E-visa (30 days validity): US$50
  3. Single-entry E-visa (90 days validity): US$25
  4. Multiple-entry E-visa (90 days validity): US$50

It’s important to note that these fees are subject to change, and it’s recommended to check the official government website for the most up-to-date information.

Refund Policy

One common question among travelers is whether the Vietnam e-Visa fee is refundable in case of application denial. Unfortunately, the e-Visa fee is non-refundable, regardless of whether your application is approved or denied. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully review and submit all the required documents to ensure a smooth application process.

Hiring an Agency for a Hassle-Free Experience

If you are in a rush, unfamiliar with the application process, or simply want to avoid potential frustration, hiring an agency in Vietnam can be a great option. These agencies specialize in handling e-Visa applications on behalf of travelers, providing a hassle-free experience with a high successful rate.

By hiring an agency, you can expect a simple form and easy-to-upload document submission process. Their friendly support team will guide you through the entire application process, ensuring that all the necessary information is provided accurately. With their expertise and knowledge of local rules, these agencies can greatly increase the chances of your e-Visa application being approved.

Additionally, if you need your e-Visa urgently, these agencies can expedite the process. Depending on your requirements, they can arrange for your e-Visa to be issued on the same day, within 4 hours, or within 2 hours. This is particularly beneficial for last-minute travel plans or unexpected changes in your itinerary.

In conclusion, the Vietnam e-Visa fee for Cape Verdean citizens varies depending on the type of e-Visa and duration. It’s important to be aware of the fees and the non-refundable nature of the e-Visa fee. If you want a hassle-free experience or require urgent processing, consider hiring an agency in Vietnam. They can handle the application process on your behalf, ensuring a smooth and successful outcome.


In an exciting development for travelers from Cape Verde, Vietnam has officially opened its e-visa scheme to citizens of all countries, including Cape Verde. Starting from August 15, 2023, citizens of Cape Verde can now apply for an e-visa online, eliminating the need to queue at the Vietnamese embassy or consulate.

Citizens of Cape Verde are required to have a visa to enter Vietnam. Citizens of Cape Verde please find below for options to get a visa for Vietnam: 1.

There is NO embassy or consulate of Vietnam representing in Cabo Verde 🇨🇻. Options for citizens of Cabo Verde getting a visa for Vietnam: Visa On Arrival – Apply online for pre-approval then pick up your visa on arrival at the airport.

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful locations in the world that attracts millions of guests into the country all the year round. People across the globe are eager to find out what this Southeast Asian charm has to offer.