November 29, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam E-visa for Chinese Citizens Explained

If you are planning to visit Vietnam in near future, you are in for a soulful treat. The tranquility that this land has to offer will make you fall in love with this country. And, not to forget the uneven but serene landscapes it has in store for the nature lovers. But before that, you should know whether Chinese citizens require a visa to travel to Vietnam or not.

Earlier, the borders of Vietnam were lined with tourists from across the world for travel authorization to this epic communist nation. However, this is gradually changing with the introduction of e-visas for the lucky few nations. Now, the citizens of selected nations can use an electronic travel authorization to visit Vietnam. And China is one of those nations.

Do Chinese Citizens need a Visa for Vietnam?

Before entering Vietnam, all Chinese passport holders are obligated to obtain a visa. The same goes for the people coming from Hong Kong and Macau as well.

With Vietnam e-visa program, one does not have to visit the embassy in person and make the appointments when following this procedure.

Moreover, you can specify the purpose for which you are visiting the country well-in-advance without any apprehensions about whether you will receive an approval or not because the visa is permitted for most purposes.

Vietnam e-Visa for Chinese Citizens

Vietnamese Immigration Department makes the procedure of visiting Vietnam easy for the foreigners by providing the facility of Vietnam e-visa. Here are the list of Countries list for Vietnam e-visa

  • What is Vietnam e-Visa?

Vietnam e-visa is an online visa approval process that Chinese citizens can avail to travel to Vietnam. Fee payment and delivery of the visa is done online, and takes 3-4 working days.

  • Difference between e-visa and VOA

E-visa is an online generated through any of Vietnam’s e-visa site. The fee payment is made online along with documents. You will receive your e-visa through email. You can avail your Visa on Arrival after you arrive at any of the international checkout points of Vietnam. The immigration department at the airport will ask you to present required documents and fees.

  • Number of days of stay

Chinese citizens can apply for both single as well as multiple entry visas for Vietnam. Vietnam e-visa for Chinese only allows for single entry  with the maximum of 30-day stay. For visa on arrival, you get 30-90 days with single and multiple visits included for both tourism and business purpose.

  • Reapplication when expired

Once your e-visa expires after 30 days, you will have to leave the country and reapply for the visa once again. If you want to stay more without leaving the country, please contact a travel agent in Vietnam or email to for update.


Vietnam e-visa for Chinese passport holders allows them to stay in the country for as long as 30 days in case of single entry passport. This, of course, requires you to visit the country only once and make no retours.

Here are the Vietnam e-visa requirements for Chinese citizens

  • Make sure that you sill the form before 7 days of your arrival into the country.
  • Photo of your face for uploading to the application form. Photo Guide.
  • Specific ravel plans including the dates of the stay, address of hotel, name of the city you are planning to stay in
  • Chinese passport
    • Scanned bio-data including the photograph
    • It should remain valid until after 6 months of arrival date
    • Should have at least 2 blank pages to stamp the Visa
  • A credit/debit card to make the payment for visa

Application Procedures

It is a simple procedure for the Chinese nationals to obtain a visa online for Vietnam. All they need to do is, meet the requirements of the application process and apply 7 days before their arrival.

Applying for a Vietnam visa from China has never been easier. Today, all that you need is a smart device with internet connection and accuracy. If the information you fill in the application form does not tally with the comprehensive databases, the application is not approved.

Therefore, it is advised to answer all queries in the form accurately and do it 7 days in advance.


Chinese citizens are among the top foreign visitors to Vietnam. In fact, there are said to be 4 million Chinese nationals who came to the country last year.