December 30, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam E-Visa for Czech Citizens; the Applying Process

This is the article where the Vietnam e-visa for Czech is explained. Vietnam is the right place for the Czech citizens to spend their short-term holiday or experience the business opportunists. Are you a Czech citizen who is looking to visit and stay in Vietnam for some days as a holiday trip with family or friends or business trips with colleagues? Then apply for a Vietnam visa now in a stress-free and time-saving way! Wondering how? Now you have two easy options to apply for your visa. They are,

  1. Applying for a Visa Via Visa On Arrival
  2. Applying for a visa via E-visa

Both Visa on arrival and e-visa option are completely an online option. So, the applying method remains the same for both processes. The difference between visa on arrival and e-visa visa applying process is, if you apply for a visa through visa on arrival option, you have to collect your visa at your destination Vietnam international airport by paying the stamping fee. But, it is not for the people who are all applying for a visa via Vietnam e-visa for Czech. Another difference is, via e-visa, you can apply only for 30 days single entry visa type under both tourist and business purposes. However, with a visa on arrival option, you can take a visa from one month to three months under both single entry, and multi entries.

Are you planning to visit and stay in Vietnam only for 30 days single entry visa type? Then you can opt for a Vietnam e-visa for Czech!

Vietnam e-visa for Czech – Requirements

If you want to apply for your visa via e-visa correctly and successfully, you should need these requirements mentioned below.

  1. Minimum six-month validity passport. If you don’t have, renew it as soon as possible to apply for your Vietnam visa.
  2. Passport size photo. It should be taken recently. And if you use to wear glass, remove it while taking this photo. Photo with glass won’t accept here. Photo guide.
  3. Scanned passport pages in softcopy. Sample for passport’s bio page.
  4. Details in the passport, and other original certificates.
  5. Credit or debit card. Your card should have maximum money to pay the e-visa fee to make a payment for the Vietnam e-visa for Czech.
  6. Traveling date (entry and exit date, visa type, destination airport, and more.)
  7. Have to apply for the visa before seven days in ovoid the stress full movement.
  8. Your passport should have at least two blank leaves to stamp your approved visa at your passport.
  9. If you are taking your kid with you, you should also need to apply Vietnam e-visa for Czech for your kid. So, while applying keeps your kid’s information with you.
  10. Valid email ID.

Vietnam e-visa for Czech Applying Process

Firstly, you have to find a trustworthy travel agency that has a 100% risk-free website. The agency you choose should guarantee their work. They should agree to pay your 100 money back if the government rejected your visa or if the visa rejusted by mistake made by the service provider.

Once you have chosen, start applying for your Vietnam e-visa for Czech by filling the online application with the accurate details, and attach the asked softcopy that needs. Remember a single typo/spelling mistake can end up application rejection, and you will also charge for correcting it after submitting the application. So pay more concentration on filling the online form. Once you fill the application, pay the Vietnam e-visa for Czech fee, and submit it. That’s all. Your visa will get approved within two or three days.

Visa Exemption for Czech Citizens

Are you planning to visit Vietnam to stay at Phu Quoc Island? You have happy news! You don’t have to apply for a visa. This is because, for staying at Phu Quoc Island for 30 days, Vietnam gave visa exception for Czech Citizens. Also, the APEC business travel cardholders can visit and stay in Vietnam for 90 days without Vietnam e-visa for Czech.

But, if the Phu Quoc Island travelers (Czech citizens) want to visit other places in Vietnam should take visa via e-visa or visa on arrival option according to their convenience. And if the Phu Quoc Island travelers wish to stay more than 30 days at Phu Quoc Island, they should take visa. Here visa on arrival is the preferable option.

Pros of Applying for Visa via E-visa

  • You don’t have to visit any place and wait in a long queue to apply for your visa.
  • Don’t have to submit your original documents.
  • You don’t have to visit the visa on arrival office at your destination international airport of Vietnam to collect your approved visa by paying an extra fee.
  • Via Vietnam e-visa for Czech, your visa will approve within two to three days.

Are you looking to apply for a visa via Vietnam visa on arrival, or Vietnam e-visa for Czech? Apply for Vietnam visa now


With more and more European airlines flying directly to Vietnam, it’s now easy for citizens of the Czech Republic to go on a holiday to this beautiful Southeast Asian country. Vietnam is home to beautiful beaches, vibrant historical and cultural attractions, and friendly locals.

Vietnam is known to be a beautiful country with a beautiful landscape, forests, beaches, historical places, delicious cuisine, and unique culture and heritage. It seats in the Asia-Pacific region.