October 16, 2023
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-Visa for Finnish: Simplify and Expedite Application Process

Are you a Finnish citizen planning to travel to Vietnam? If so, you may be wondering how to efficiently apply for an e-visa and increase your chances of approval. In this article, we will guide you through the process and provide valuable insights on speeding up the application process. We will also introduce you to a reliable agency that can offer hassle-free experiences, ensuring a 99.9% success rate.

Vietnam e-Visa Eligibility for Finnish Citizens

As of the recent government resolution number 127/NQ-CP, the Vietnam e-Visa is available to passport holders of all countries and territories, including Finland. This significant change in policy has opened doors for Finnish citizens to explore Vietnam conveniently and efficiently. Whether you’re planning a leisurely vacation or a business trip, the e-Visa option is now accessible to you.

Understanding the Vietnam E-Visa Options & Fees for Finnish Citizens

The Vietnam e-visa offers convenience and simplicity for travelers. There are four types of e-visas available to Finnish citizens, each with its own duration and entry conditions. Let’s take a closer look at each option:

  1. Single-entry E-Visa (30 days): Costing US$25, this e-visa allows Finnish citizens to stay in Vietnam for up to 30 days. It is perfect for those planning a short trip or a quick getaway.
  2. Multiple-entry E-Visa (30 days): At a slightly higher fee of US$50, this e-visa offers the flexibility of multiple entries within a 30-day period. It is ideal for travelers who wish to explore neighboring countries or make multiple trips during their stay in Vietnam.
  3. Single-entry E-Visa (90 days): For those planning an extended stay, the single-entry e-visa with a validity of up to 90 days is the right choice. Priced at US$25, this visa allows Finnish citizens to explore Vietnam at their own pace.
  4. Multiple-entry E-Visa (90 days): The multiple-entry e-visa with a validity of up to 90 days is a great option for frequent travelers or those who wish to explore Vietnam in depth. At a fee of US$50, this e-visa allows Finnish citizens to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within the 90-day period.

Refund Policy of the Government Website

It’s important to note that the e-visa fee mentioned above is non-refundable, whether your application is approved or denied. This policy applies to all applicants, including Finnish citizens. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that all the necessary documents are in order before submitting your application.

Government Website vs. Agencies

While the official government website is a reliable source for e-visa applications, it’s worth considering the added value that agencies can offer. Although the fees may be slightly higher, agencies can provide a range of services that streamline the visa application process and enhance the overall experience.

1. Expert Assistance:

Agencies have professionals who are well-versed in the e-visa application process. They can guide you through the requirements, help you with documentation, and ensure that your application is error-free. This expertise can save you time and minimize the risk of your visa being denied due to incorrect or incomplete information.

2. Faster Processing:

Agencies can expedite the processing of your e-visa application, ensuring that you receive it within the shortest possible time frame. This can be particularly beneficial if you have a tight travel schedule or require your visa urgently.

3. Additional Services:

Agencies often offer additional services such as airport transfers, travel insurance, and local support. These services can make your trip more convenient and hassle-free, allowing you to focus on enjoying your time in Vietnam.

Vietnam e-Visa Requirements for Finnish Citizens

To successfully apply for a Vietnam e-Visa, Finnish citizens will need the following documents and information:

  1. Valid Passport: Ensure that your Finnish passport has a minimum validity of six months beyond your intended stay in Vietnam. The passport should also have at least two blank pages for visa stamping purposes.
  2. Personal Information: Provide accurate personal details, including your full name, date of birth, gender, nationality, and passport information.
  3. Digital Photo: Submit a digital photo of yourself that meets the specified requirements, such as a plain background, no shadows, and appropriate dimensions.
  4. Valid Email Address: You will need a valid email address to receive updates and notifications regarding your e-Visa application.
  5. Valid Credit/Debit Card: Prepare a valid credit or debit card to make the necessary payment for your e-Visa application. Ensure that the card is authorized for international transactions.
  6. Travel Itinerary: Provide a detailed travel itinerary, including your intended dates of arrival and departure, accommodation information, and any planned activities or destinations within Vietnam.
  7. Current Occupation: State your current occupation, as this is a required field during the application process.

Uploading Requirements for Vietnam E-visa Application

When applying for a Vietnam e-visa, Finnish citizens need to upload two essential documents:

  1. Portrait Photo: The photo should be sized 4x6cm and capture your face looking straight ahead. It’s important not to wear glasses in this photo. Make sure the image is clear and of high quality. A professional studio can help you meet these requirements.
  2. Copy of Passport Data Page: You will need to provide a full-page copy of your passport, including your photo, personal details, and ICAO lines. Ensure that the scanned copy is legible, with no smudges or blurs.

Portrait Photo Requirements

To ensure a successful e-visa application, it’s crucial for Finnish citizens to meet the specific requirements for the portrait photo. Here is a quick summary:

  • Size: 4x6cm
  • Face Direction: Straight ahead
  • Glasses: Not allowed
  • Quality: Clear and high-resolution
  • Background: Plain, light-colored

By adhering to these guidelines, you increase the chances of your application being accepted promptly.

Vietnam E-visa Processing Time for Finnish Citizens

After submitting your e-visa application, you might be wondering how long it takes to receive your e-visa. The processing time for a Vietnam e-visa is typically around three business days. However, it’s advisable to apply well in advance to avoid any last-minute delays or complications.

National Holidays and Vietnam Immigration Office Closure

Please note that the Vietnam Immigration Office operates on weekdays, Monday to Friday. Additionally, the office will be closed on the following national holidays:

  • New Year’s Day
  • Tet Holiday
  • Hung Kings Commemoration Day
  • Reunification Day
  • Labor Day
  • National Day

During these holidays, the immigration office will not process any e-visa applications. Therefore, it’s advisable to plan your application accordingly to avoid any delays.

How to Apply for a Vietnam e-Visa as a Finnish Citizen

Now that you’re familiar with the requirements, let’s explore the step-by-step process of applying for a Vietnam e-Visa:

  1. Visit the Official Vietnam e-Visa Website: Start by accessing the official Vietnam e-Visa website, which is the only authorized platform for e-Visa applications. Ensure that you are using a secure and reliable internet connection.
  2. Complete the e-Visa Application Form: Fill out the online application form accurately, providing all the required personal information and travel details. Double-check the information before submitting to avoid any errors or delays.
  3. Upload the Necessary Documents: Upload a digital copy of your passport’s bio page and your recent photograph as per the specified requirements. Ensure that the documents are clear and meet the specified guidelines to avoid any complications.
  4. Make the Payment: Proceed to the payment section and use your valid credit or debit card to pay the e-Visa processing fee. The fee is non-refundable, so ensure that all the information provided is accurate before making the payment.
  5. Receive the e-Visa Approval Letter: Once your application and payment have been successfully processed, you will receive an e-Visa approval letter via email. This letter serves as official confirmation of your granted e-Visa status.
  6. Print and Prepare Your e-Visa: Print the e-Visa approval letter and keep it along with your passport. Make sure you have a physical copy of the approval letter when you arrive in Vietnam, as it will be required during immigration checks.
  7. Arrive in Vietnam: Upon arrival at one of the designated entry points in Vietnam, present your passport, printed e-visa approval letter, and any other required travel documents to the immigration officers. They will verify your e-visa and grant you entry into the country.

Checking E-visa Status for Finnish Citizens

To track the status of your Vietnam e-visa application, you can visit the official website of the Vietnam Immigration Department. Once on the website, navigate to the e-visa section and locate the application status tracker. Simply enter your application details, such as your passport number and application code, to access real-time updates on your e-visa status.

Understanding the Process to Increase Chances of Success

Applying for an e-visa to Vietnam can sometimes be a challenging task, as the government evaluates each application based on their own set of rules. However, by following a few simple steps and considering some essential factors, you can significantly increase your chances of success.

  1. Thoroughly Prepare Your Documents: To successfully apply for a Vietnam e-visa, it is crucial to ensure that all your documents are complete and accurate. Start by gathering the necessary paperwork, such as a valid passport with at least six months of validity remaining, a passport-sized photo, and proof of accommodation in Vietnam. Double-checking the requirements will minimize the risk of rejection.
  2. Apply Online: The most convenient and efficient way to apply for a Vietnam e-visa is through the official government website. Fill out the application form carefully, providing accurate information. Be cautious when entering personal details and make sure they match your passport exactly.
  3. Pay the Application Fee: As part of the application process, you will be required to pay a non-refundable fee. Ensure that you have a valid payment method available to complete this step.

Speeding Up the E-Visa Application Process For Express Visa

If you are in a rush or prefer to avoid potential frustration, consider hiring a reputable agency to handle your Vietnam e-visa application. These agencies specialize in simplifying the process and can offer the following advantages:

1. Simple Form and Easy Document Upload:

By utilizing an agency, you can benefit from a user-friendly application form that streamlines the process. These agencies have simplified the application form, ensuring that you can complete it quickly and without any confusion. Additionally, they provide clear instructions for document upload, making the entire process hassle-free.

2. Friendly and Supportive Customer Service:

Navigating a foreign e-visa application process can be overwhelming. However, by hiring an agency, you gain access to a team of friendly and supportive customer service representatives who are knowledgeable about the local rules and regulations. They are ready to assist you throughout the application process and answer any questions or concerns you may have.

3. Guaranteed Success and Urgent Processing:

One of the key advantages of hiring a reputable agency is their high success rate. These agencies have a thorough understanding of the evaluation process and can ensure that your application meets all the necessary criteria. With their expertise, you can enjoy a 99.9% success rate, minimizing the stress and uncertainty associated with the application process.

Furthermore, if you require an urgent e-visa, these agencies can expedite the process. Depending on your needs, they can provide you with your e-visa on the same day, within 4 hours, or even in as little as 2 hours. This ensures that you can make your travel plans with confidence and peace of mind.

What to Do for Finnish Citizens After Receiving Your E-visa?

Congratulations! Once you have received your Vietnam e-visa, it’s time to prepare for your journey. Here are a few essential steps to take:

  1. Print Your E-visa: It’s advisable to have a physical copy of your e-visa with you during your travel. Print out the e-visa document and keep it safely with your travel documents.
  2. Check Travel Requirements: Before embarking on your trip, ensure you have all the necessary travel documents, including your passport, e-visa, flight tickets, and accommodation details.
  3. Travel Insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance to protect yourself against any unforeseen circumstances during your trip to Vietnam.
  4. Learn About Vietnam: Take some time to familiarize yourself with the local culture, customs, and attractions. Vietnam is a fascinating country with diverse landscapes, delicious cuisine, and a rich history.


Applying for a Vietnam e-visa as a Finnish citizen doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By following the steps outlined in this article and considering the advantages of hiring an agency, you can simplify and expedite the process. Hiring an agency not only ensures a hassle-free experience but also significantly increases your chances of a successful application. With their expertise and commitment, you can obtain your e-visa urgently and embark on your exciting journey to Vietnam.


If you’re a Finnish citizen planning a trip to Vietnam, one of the first things you need to consider is obtaining a visa. Thankfully, Vietnam offers an e-visa option, which allows you to apply for your visa online without the need to visit an embassy or consulate.

Are you a citizen of Finland planning to visit Vietnam? Good news! With the Vietnam e-visa program, applying for a visa has never been easier. No more standing in long queues at the embassy or consulate.

From March 2020, during the height of the Covid 19 crisis, Vietnam has decided to temporarily suspend visa issuance for all foreigners entering the country. This decision was made by the prime minister himself in an effort to combat the rapid spread of the deadly virus.