December 28, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-Visa Requirements for Citizens of Cuba

Vietnam is one of the most in-demand tourist destinations in Southeast Asia today. Because of this, more and more Cuban travelers are choosing to book holiday packages to Vietnam. But do you know that citizens of Cuba require a visa before they can enter the country?

Thankfully, the Vietnam government has simplified the process of applying for a visa to their country. They have introduced the Vietnam e-visa program, wherein foreign visitors from more than 80 countries can apply for their visa over the Internet. Cubans are among those citizens who are lucky enough to be given this privilege. So if you are thinking of going to Vietnam for a holiday soon, you might want to learn more about the Vietnam e-visa.

What Requirements Do I Need To Prepare for a Vietnam E-visa Application?

The requirements to apply for a Vietnam e-visa are the usual requirements that you need to submit when applying for a visa to other countries. Here’s a list of the things you need to prepare:

  1. Original copy of your passport that’s valid for six months from your date of entry to the country.
  2. Scanned copy of the passport’s biographical page. It’s the main page showing your photo and all the important details of the passport. Sample for passport’s bio page.
  3. Credit or debit card for the payment of the processing fees. They also accept PayPal.
  4. Valid email address. This is where the e-visa copy will be sent.

How Long Will it Take for your E-visa to Be Approved?

Applying for a Vietnam e-visa is so easy since everything is done online. However, the length of time that the visa will be processed will vary. You will be asked to choose from three different options on the length of time for the visa to be processed:

  • Standard Processing Time – this will take 3-5 business days.
  • Rush Processing – this will take 2 business days.
  • Super Rush Processing – this same day service.

How Long Is the Vietnam E-visa for Cuban Citizens Valid for?

The Vietnam e-visa for Cuban citizens is a single entry visa. This visa will let you stay in the country for a maximum of 30 days. It’s very important that your passport is valid for at least 30 days beyond the expiry date of your Vietnam e-visa. For instance, if you enter Vietnam today and the visa’s validity is 30 days, your passport must be valid for 60 days from your date of entry.

Ports of Entry that Allow the Use of Vietnam E-visa

So where can you use the Vietnam e-visa? This type of Vietnam visa will allow you to enter airports, seaports, and land borders in Vietnam. Unlike the Visa on Arrival that you can only use at the airport, this visa will also allow you entry through land borders and ports.

List-of-port that accept for e-visa – You are only allowed to enter Vietnam from the port you have designated.

What To Show When Entering Vietnam Using the E-Visa?

Once you receive your Vietnam e-visa through email, al you will do is to print a copy. Carry the copy with you on your trip to the country.

When passing at the airport immigration counter, present your e-visa copy along with your passport. This is why it’s important that the data you enter on your e-visa application matches that of your passport. The immigration will cross-reference this with the information that’s on your passport. If there are discrepancies, you may not be allowed entry into the country. So to avoid any issues, make sure you double-check the application form before submitting it.

Tips To Keep In Mind When Applying for a Vietnam e-Visa

In order for your visa application not to be rejected, there are certain things to keep in mind when applying for an e-Visa:

  • Your passport should be valid for at least six months from your date of arrival. The passport should have at least two blank pages.
  • Minors who got their own passport should have their own e-visa when entering Vietnam. If the minors share a passport with the parents, then they can share with their e-visa too.
  • It is recommended to apply for the visa at least a week before your travel date.

How To Apply for the Vietnam E-visa?

Applying for the Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Cuba is so easy. You just need to follow these three easy steps:

  1. Access the website on your laptop or mobile phone. Fill out the online application form. Make sure you provide accurate information. Review the details before you proceed to the next page.
  2. If you believe everything is correct, proceed to the next page for the payment. Enter your card details and wait for a confirmation that your payment has been received.
  3. Wait for up to 5 business days for your e-visa copy to be sent to your email. Save a copy of the e-visa on your laptop and print a copy. Bring it with you on your trip.