May 20, 2020
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Vietnam E-visa Requirements for Panamanian Passport Holders

Just like applying for a visa for other countries, Panamanian passport holders need to prepare certain requirements for your visa application. With the Vietnam e-visa, citizens of Panama will only have to prepare a few requirements. Here are the requirements for your Vietnam e-visa application:

  • Panamanian Passport – it’s important that your passport has a validity of six months from your entry date to Vietnam. You’re also required to upload a scanned copy of the passport’s biographical page during your application (Sample for passport’s bio page).
  • Photo – you must submit passport-sized photo with a white background. They must be in jpeg format. Photo Guide.
  • Payment – since the application of your visa is done online, you’ll have to pay online as well, using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal. See Vietnam visa fees for update.
  • Valid email address – this is where you will receive updates on the status of your e-visa, so it must be a valid, working email.

How To Make E-Visa Application For Vietnam [Detailed Guide]


It costs you $25 regardingless your nationality, purpose of visit if making e-visa application at the official website of the government of Vietnam :

The normal processing time of the Vietnam e-visa for Panamanian passport holders is 3 business days, but there are situations when it will be delayed. Nevertheless, the processing is still quicker compared to when you apply from a Vietnam embassy.

So what’s the process of applying for the electronic visa to Vietnam? The good news is that the process is so easy. Even if you are not the techy type, you should be able to apply with no issues.

When it comes to the e-visa Vietnam fee for panama citizen, you can afford for it, when comparing to other options. Usually, the cost of e-visa will get vary based on the travel agency, nationality, and the purpose of the visa.

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Panama 🇵🇦? Please see below for information of Embassy of Vietnam in Panama : Address: Edificio St Georges Bank, Piso 2, Local 1, Entre Calle 50 y 53, Panama. 🇵🇦 Telephone :  264 2551 Fax :  265 6056 Code : 00-507 Email:  embavinapa@cwpanama.

Embassy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Panama 🇵🇦 Address: EsquinaCalle 50 y 53, St. George Bank building, Piso 2nd, Ciudad de Panama 🇵🇦 General line: (507) 264 2551 Direct line: (507) 6990-3656.

If you’re a citizen of Panama and you’re thinking of going to Vietnam for your holiday, you should know that a visa is required for your visit. But getting a Vietnam visa for citizens of Panama should now be easy.