May 13, 2020
Visa tips

Vietnam e-Visa versus Vietnam Landing Visa

Aside from the Vietnam landing visa, there’s another Vietnam visa that you can easily apply online and that’s called the e-visa. You might be wondering how this visa differs from the Vietnam landing visa.

The e-visa is a shortened term for electronic visa and the reason why it’s called as such is that it’s a visa that you can apply electronically. But unlike the landing visa where you will only get the visa at the Saigon airport, you’ll get your e-visa through email. The visa will be sent in a PDF file and all you need to do is to print it.

Sure, the e-visa is so easy to apply. However, this visa is only good for a single entry and will only let you stay in Vietnam for up to 30 days. But with the Vietnam landing visa, you can choose to apply for a multiple entry visa with a maximum validity of 90 days. Also, the landing visa will be attached to your passport as a sticker visa while the e-visa will be a paper visa.


People often get confused between e-visa and landing visa, with some of them even thinking both are exactly the same. There are huge differences between e-visa and landing visa.

Two of the most popular types of Vietnam visas are the e-visa and visa on arrival or landing visa. Both visas are easy to apply since you can easily do it online.

Overview about Vietnam visa policy Vietnam visa policy has been improved in the past few years to promote the development of tourism industry. The number of international tourists to Vietnam is growing steadily.