February 4, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam Electronic Visa (E-visa) for Citizens of Timor Leste

If you’re from Timor Leste and you are thinking of visiting Vietnam soon, you’d be happy to know that you no longer need to go to the embassy or consulate of Vietnam just to get your visa sorted out. That’s because you are eligible to avail of the e-visa.

E-visa is a shortened term for electronic visa. It’s basically the same with the regular Vietnam visa where it will serve as an official document that will let you enter the country. But the biggest difference is that this visa can easily be availed from the website of the Vietnam Immigration Dept. For this visa, you just need to get your laptop or mobile phone, connect to the Internet, and open the website for the visa application. It’s a convenient, fast, and seamless way of getting a visa to the country.

Why Should You Choose E-visa When Going to Vietnam?

Citizens of Timor Leste who wish to visit Vietnam have numerous ways on how to get a visa to Vietnam. Of course, there’s the usual way of going to the Vietnam embassy and another is to apply for the Visa on Arrival. But going to the embassy can be a hassle and applying for the Visa on Arrival could mean stopping on arrival at the airport for getting your visa.

To avoid these inconveniences, you should consider getting an e-visa. The Vietnam e-visa will no longer require you to go to an embassy or queue at the visa counter at the airport. You just go online and apply from there. For as long as you are connected to the Internet, you should be able to apply for this visa anywhere you are, even right in the comfort of your home!

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

With the e-visa, you no longer need to claim your visa at the airport since the e-visa will already serve as your visa. You just go directly to the passport control and give your e-visa along with your passport. The officer in charge will stamp your passport so you can then enter Vietnam and enjoy your holiday.

List-of-port that accept for e-visa

Advantages of Getting a Vietnam E-Visa for Citizens of Timor Leste

If you want to know more about the electronic visa to Vietnam, check out its many advantages below:

  • You don’t have to queue at the embassy or at the airport to get your visa.
  • No need to pay additional fees when you arrive. All you need to pay is the processing fee.
  • You can use the visa to enter at 28 different points in Vietnam including land borders and seaports.
  • No need to carry any requirements since everything will be submitted online.
  • It will only take up to 3 business days to be processed, which is faster than applying from an embassy.
  • The process of application is so easy and will only take a few minutes of your time to be completed.
  • The validity of the Vietnam E-visa

The Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Timor Leste will let you enter the country once since it’s a single-entry visa. It will grant you a stay of up to 30 days or one month. This visa can be used for tourism or business purposes. If you’re thinking of extending your stay, you can look for an agency that can reapply the visa on your behalf and sponsor your stay in the country.

If you already knew ahead of time that your stay in Vietnam would be more than 30 days, then you have to choose the Visa on Arrival. This visa will let you stay in the country for 90 days and you can use the visa to re-enter the country several times since it’s a multiple-entry visa.

Vietnam E-visa Requirements

As with any visa application, you are needed to accomplish certain requirements for you to be approved of the e-visa. The requirements are pretty basic so there won’t be any hassles on your part. Below are the requirements:

  • A passport that’s valid for six months from your entry date to Vietnam.
  • Scanned copy of your passport’s bio page.
  • Visa application form that you need to fill out online.
  • Recently taken passport-sized photos with white background. Photo Guide
  • Credit card or debit card for the payment of processing fee. You can also pay using PayPal.
  • Valid email address for your e-visa to be sent.

After you submit your visa application online, you will receive an email to confirm that the payment has been successful. You just need to wait for 3 business days and your e-visa copy will be sent to you.

If are in urgent need of your visa, you can pay additional fees for the rush processing option. This will cost you around $40 – $50 but you will get your e-visa in less than 24 hours! To avoid paying these additional fees, you should apply for your e-visa as early as you can.