January 16, 2020
Immigration Fast Track

Vietnam Immigration Fast Track: 5 Benefits To Know About

Wondering where to go for this summer vacation? Well, if it is summer, then the perfect getaway destination will be a sunny beach. Escape the winter chills and unwind by the sea with your friends and family. If you can’t wait to feel the sand under your feet and the cool, salty and moist ocean breeze; then you can visit the beautiful country of Vietnam where tradition and culture meet the modern. And Vietnam Immigration Fast Track service will help you in everything. Experience the unique ocean that is dotted with tall green pillars on water. Take a lazy ride down on the winding deep rivers cutting through the plains and hills. And enjoy the scenic beauty of it all. Revisit the history at the mausoleum, or feel the peace and quiet at ancient Buddhist Pagodas.

The list of tourist attractions of Vietnam does not end here, and you can now visit them all easily now since Vietnam has adopted a more relaxed attitude towards tourists. However, no matter how easily you acquire the visa or apply for a visa on arrival, getting through immigration when you arrive at the airport in Vietnam will not be easy. The lines at immigration in the Vietnam airport are nightmarish – you will find really ling lines and your turn might take absolutely hours to come. After a long flight journey, you will obviously be tired and long queues will only make you more exhausted. To avoid that, you can opt for a Vietnam immigration fast track service.

What Is Vietnam Immigration Fast Track Service?

You might be visiting Vietnam for several reasons. Maybe for business meetings, or some other urgent job, a vacation or you could be simply passing by through Vietnam airport. However, no matter the purpose of the visit, if you do not have time to spend in the long lines, the Vietnam immigration fast track service can help you out. The following are what you will get if you avail this service:

  • With the Vietnam immigration fast track service, you will get arrival and departure service. It will help you to get your visa stamped quickly.
  • There are two types of fast track service that Vietnam airport offers: the normal or standard fast track service and the VIP fast track service.
  • The standard fast track service offers you guided assistance throughout the whole process starting from receiving you at the airport as soon as you land in Vietnam. The expert agents will get you visa stamped, visa stickers and go through all the process while you can relax at the luggage lounge. It will take only 10-15 minutes for the whole process.
  • The VIP fast track service offers you similar guided assistance through the process. You will be received by an agent who will be waiting with a welcome board. The agent will get your visa stamped and afterward will help your luggage. You will be escorted to the baggage and customs area to take care of your luggage. The whole process takes about 10-15 minutes.
  • Vietnam immigration fast track service is perfect for anyone who does not have time to stand at long queues for hours. It is recommended for anyone who is visiting Vietnam for the first time, businessmen, elderly and infants, pregnant women, disabled or large groups.

Benefits of This Service

The fast track service that Vietnam airport offers is extremely useful and efficient at saving your time and energy. So, you can reach your hotel as soon as possible and therefore start enjoying your holiday without delay. It also ensures an error-free documentation process so no problems can halt your holiday. Here are the benefits of Vietnam immigration fast track service:

  • The immigration faces long lines at the airport and especially during holiday seasons. If you want to avoid standing in the long lines, you can choose the fast track service. This way, your agent will get your visa stamped for you so you can relax at the lounge while you wait.
  • The Vietnam immigration fast track service helps you to save your time. During holidays, it takes several hours to finish the whole process and formalities at the airport. This due to a huge influx of tourists. However, the fast track service allows you to get your visa within 10 minutes. So, you can start your holiday as soon as possible.
  • The documentation at the airport is extremely important as it grants you legal permission to enter the country. By availing Vietnam immigration fast track service you will be assisted by an experienced guide, so there will be no mistakes.
  • The agent assisting you will also assist you in the customs area when you arrive and depart.
  • The agent will also take care of your luggage.

This service is absolutely legal, so you can avail it without worry.


If you are a traveler in mind and soul, then you will absolutely love South East Asia. Whether you are looking for mountains or sandy beaches or forests, you will get it all in this region.

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Are you thinking to travel to the Southeast Asian places, then your trip is incomplete without traveling to Vietnam. Traveling to the country is easy but to do that you will be requiring a pre-approved visa.

Are you looking forward to having a vacation in Vietnam? If so, then take a look at the article to know about the Vietnam airport concierge services for VIP fast track. This will help you to get the visa quickly.

Vietnam is a country, which is located in the southern part of Eastern Asia. The country is the best place to explore right from Sea beaches to the hill stations.

It is all familiar the dreaded feeling of frustration which arrives waiting at an airport. You are travelling to Vietnam for the first time or for the hundredth time.