January 29, 2020
Vietnam Landing Visa

Vietnam Landing Visa in Phu Quoc Airport; the Procedure

Are you looking to visit and stay in Phu Quoc island, which is in Vietnam? You have great news! Did you know people can visit and stay in Phu Quoc island for 30 days without a visa? All you need is, your air return ticket! But, you can’t stay more than 30 days in Phu Quoc island.  And also, you can’t visit other places in Vietnam within those 30 days? Are you looking to visit and stay in Phu Quoc island, and other places in Vietnam for more than 30 days? Then you should apply for a visa via a reliable source! To apply for your visa in a stress full way and in a time-saving way, choosing Vietnam landing visa in Phu Quoc is a smart choice! Vietnam landing visa is also called as the “visa on arrival”. In this method, you can apply for your visa online without seeking the help of the embassy.

Vietnam Landing Visa in Phu Quoc; Applying Process

Firstly, you need to find the right travel agency. Make sure the travel agency you choose have a 100% risk-free website. As well as, offer a 100% money-back guarantee in case of your visa application rejection.

Filling Process

Then start to apply for your Vietnam visa by filling out the application with the accurate data. Addition to that, you will be asked to fill the details related to the visa and travelling.

One of the main advantages that come under Vietnam Landing Visa in Phu Quoc visa applying option is, here you can add on to the rush service if you are in need of visiting Vietnam as soon as possible with the visa approval letter. By adding on this service, your visa even approves within a day, and you can make your Vietnam trip on the same day of applying for a visa. In the first page of applying visa, you need to add on to the rush service if you are in need of.

Once you fill all the details in the first page, you have to recheck whether the filled data have any typo. After making sure the details that you are entered is right, go to the next page by clicking to “Yes”.

In the second page, you have to attach the softcopy of the details that asks. As a final checkup before making the payment, review all the details twice. Because, if you put any typo here, it will charge you extra for make edit after the payment process. Or if you missed making a change, your visa will reject, or cause some other travelling issues.

Payment Process

Since you are applying for your visa via Vietnam Landing Visa in Phu Quoc, the online method, you are asked to make the payment via card (debit or credit). Also, only if you make the payment properly, your visa procedure will get a start, or it will get hold. So, before you make a payment via your card, check whether your card has enough money to make a payment. If not, debit it some amount, and make the payment. After making the payment, check whether the payment done properly, by checking the status of your visa via online. Usually, the reputable travel agency will provide a website for checking the status of your visa approval process.

Visa Approval Letter and Fast Track Service 

As per your request made on the express add on service, your visa will approve, and the visa approval letter will send it to your mail. Usually, your visa will approve within two or three working days. If you add on to the rush service, your visa will approve even in a day, and the letter will send to you on the same day.

Once you receive your visa approval letter, you can start to apply for the fast track service, to make your second set of visa process at the airport. Yes, at the Phu Quoc airport, you will need to collect your Vietnam visa and stamp the visa on your passport by paying the stamping fee. If you wish to finish these processes with the help of the knowledgeable person and stamp the visa on your passport soon, you can apply for the fast track service.

With this fast track service, you will treat like a VIP at the airport. All you need to do is, enjoy the moments with your family, friends or your coworkers. To get your Vietnam landing visa in Phu Quoc, apply for the fast track service. Once you reach the Phu Quoc airport, the professionals will welcome you and take good care of you in the airport by finishing up the visa procedure.


Vietnam is one of the beautiful tourist spots in the world. If you are in search of a place for your next vacation, Vietnam should be your best bet.

If Vietnam is not in your travelling bucket list, you should consider spending a vacation here. Vietnam is one of the most attractive countries in Asia.

As of March 2015 the Phu Quoc International Airport is now setup to process Vietnam Visa on arrival.  Vietnam Visa On Arrival Is Now Available In Phu Quoc Island It is now possible to obtain your Vietnam Visa at the Phu Quoc International Airport upon arrival (VOA).