January 7, 2020
Visa Fast Track

Vietnam Visa Fast Track Service at Tan Son Nhat International Airport

A hassle-free transition and comfortable passage at International airports are what every traveler desires. Thus, opt for the concierge service at the airport to ensure a convenient, smooth, and time-saving assistance.

It is an optional service available for you to make your immigration service smooth and easy for you. Thus, the service has become the need of the hour.

The Fast track service offered at Tan Son Nhat at International Airport facilitates meet and greet, concierge, baggage assistance & lounge access services.

FAST TRACK Services for Departures at Tan Son Nhat International Airport

The FAST TRACK package for departure you include:

  • Meet and greet, Personal escort access to an exclusive high-end airport lounge offering
  • Complimentary light refreshments to enjoy till the aircraft is ready to board.

In the meantime, security, check-in, and immigration formalities handle by efficient staff. At the time of boarding, then the customer escorted to flight gate in a private vehicle.

FAST TRACK Services for Arrivals at Tan Son Nhat International Airport

The FAST TRACK package for arrivals handles all the airport formalities as soon as you land in the country.

The package includes meet and greet, a personal transport from aircraft to a private, luxurious lounge is made available to refresh from the long journey.

In case you have opted for the VIP fast track service. After you arrived and welcomed at the arrival gate. You can sit and relax at the VIP luxury lounge. Thus, in the meantime, the staff will help in completing your immigration formalities.

The services related to the passport control, collecting luggage and duty-free items pick-up, and custom. Further, the staff escorts you to the booked cab, making it a worry-free journey.

VIP Fast Track Service for Arrivals at Tan Son Nhat International Airport

The VIP Fast Track arrival package includes meet and greets service at the arrival, escort through the private vehicle to passport control.

All formalities like assistance at VIP counter, passport control, luggage pick up, and customs clearance handles by the service efficiently.

Therefore, the staff escorts until the exit gate to the booked cab; if required, cab booking assistance offers for a happy journey. In addition to the same, they can provide the hotel assistance service also, if you need it.

VIP Fast Track Service for Departure at Tan Son Nhat International Airport

The VIP Fast Track departure package helps out in finishing all the formalities at various airport counters. The quick-service helps to pass through security, check-in, and immigration counters.

Therefore, the staff also escorts you (first- and business-class tickets) to the lounge and even to the flight’s gate.

Deluxe Transportation Services at Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

The high-end transportation services provided allow the customer to travel with ease and luxury. Be it private jets, helicopters, yachts, or luxury cars. Thus, everything arranged for you offers an unforgetful experience.

Further, rental vehicles arranged and made available at any location for your convenience.

Premium Global Concierge Services

You receive the world-class international concierge services, and exceptional VIP services help in facilitating all your needs, comfort, and customary requirements.

It will also help in providing you the most unforgettable experiences with various included luxurious privileges.

Whereas, the service is available 24/7. And it is a time-saver, efficient, smooth, and quite valuable for the explorers around the world. It is especially helpful for travelers who traveled a long flight.

The premium concierge service at the airport avoids your tiredness by handling all the formalities.

Thus, you can sit and relax while enjoying the light snacking. Therefore, the whole experience offers and kick start your trip amazingly.

Keep the following thing in mind while choosing the services:

  • Well, the fast track facility only applicable at the Vietnam international airports.
  • Further, while booking the fast track service, do give the flight details to your service provider. It

It also helps the service staff to offer you a better service.

Visa on arrival

  • Visa on arrival issued at the immigration counter of Hanoi, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Nha Trang & Ho Chi Minh City airports for air travelers from 150+ countries.
  • The Visa on arrival is suitable for all persons who are traveling for leisure, business, or family vacations.
  • The VOA is applicable for either 1 or 3 months, six months, or up to multiple one-year entries.
  • Approval letter and Stamp fee charged at the arrival.
  • The approval letter procedure receives through email from the immigration department. And it takes two days for standard processing and 2hours for emergency processing.
  • Thus, VOA is not permitted in case of the non-availability of the visa approval letter. Even you cannot also board the flight for Vietnam with the same.

Thus, the concierge is only available if you are entering Vietnam with a visa on arrival visa type. It is also only applicable at the Vietnam international airports. Thus as per your need and requirement, select the best service either from the standard fast track or VIP fast track service.


Tan Son Nat international airport conveniently located for travelers who are visiting Ho Chi Minh City. It is also an option for those who are looking to roam the places around Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam.

Visa on arrival is one of the most recommendable visa options available for travelers to enter Vietnam. At the same time, when you apply for Visa on arrival, you also ask for the choice of opting for the fast track service.

After you have arrived at the Tan Son Nhat airport, getting your visa stamped is no doubt the trickiest task ever. You will have to wait in the queue for long hours.

Today, Vietnam is one of the most beautiful tourist destinations in the world. Whether you are an adventure seeker, a beach hopper, a culture buff or a foodie, this is the place.

Vietnam is one of the most inexpensive places where getting through the visa procedure is quite hassle-free as compared to visiting other countries in the east. Vietnam receives a lot of visitors every year.

You will definitely have a blast touring Vietnam. You will fall in love by meeting the hearty people of the country and by visiting the vibrant places as well.

Are you thinking to explore Vietnam by getting the Tan Son Nhat airport fast track? Then you are at the right place. The tourists who do not know the benefits of the fast track system should definitely take a look here.