May 26, 2020
Visa tips

Vietnam Visa on arrival (Also called Vietnam landing visa)

Another popular option to apply for a Vietnamese visa is visa on arrival. The process of obtaining a visa on arrival will be a bit more complicated than an electronic visa (Vietnam e-Visa), but depending on your situation, if you want to stay in Vietnam for more than 1 month or want a multiple entry visa or you are not in the list of countries for the e-visa program, then visa on arrival should be your consideration.

The main advantage of Vietnam Visa on arrival is flexibility, you can apply for 1 month single entry visa, 1 month multiple entry visa, 3 month single entry visa, 3 month multiple entry visa, 6 month multiple entry visa and 1 year multiple entry visa.

Almost citizens of all countries in the world can apply for visa on arrival while citizens of 81 selected countries eligible for Vietnam e-visa. Not only that,  with the visa on arrival program, you can choose to stay in Vietnam for up to 3 months, or 6 month or even 12 months. The only downside is that you will probably spend more time at the airport to get the visa to your passport.

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The photo requirement should be the same as the requirements for the Vietnam e-visa photo. It must show your face clearly and it should be recent.

Vietnam offers the tourists the provision of getting their visas on arrival in the airport directly instead of having to run around the embassy office and stand in long queues. The visa upon arrival process is very simple and begins with the submission of a registration form for the pre-approval letter.

For visa on arrival, you need to take hard copy of your photo in hand. You need to have two photos to submit in the destination airport to get your visa.

French travelers that require a multiple-entry visa to Vietnam and plan to stay there for more than a month should opt for the Visa on Arrival. With this visa, you can choose to stay in the country for a maximum of 60 days.

I have my e-visa, should I stand in the queue at the visa on arrival counter in Vietnam? No, you don’t have to stand in line for the visa process at the visa on arrival counter. You can straight away bring your passport and printed e-visa to immigration counter.

The total cost of Vietnam Visa on arrival comprises of service fee and stamping fee, mentioned in the procedure above. 1) Service Fee Service fee is the one that you need to pay to the agent when you are applying for a visa online.

Yes, it totally is. The only aspect you need to be careful about is the visa agency you are dealing with.

You have probably heard about visa on arrival issuance from other countries, such as Vietnam’s neighbor Thailand. And while they won’t require any pre-approval, Vietnam’s policy is different.