January 21, 2020
Visa Fast Track

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track for Ho Chi Minh City Airport; Benefits

Recently when to Vietnam and felt tired by waiting for a long time to complete all procedures at the airport? And now you are in need to visit Vietnam for business purpose via Ho Chi Minh City airport, and thinking to avoid spending a lot of time in the airport immigration counter for visa collecting procedure? Don’t worry, and you have good news now! Yes, luckily, now you have a Vietnam visa on arrival fast track for Ho Chi Minh City airport! With this service, all you have to do is, give the required details to the professionals you hired for fast track service. Within certain minutes, the professionals will hand over your passport that I stamped with an approved visa.

Benefits of Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track for Ho Chi Minh City Airport

Hiring Vietnam visa on arrival fast track for Ho Chi Minh City will come with more benefits that make your visa process on the airport simple. Here are some of the benefits of hiring fast track service.

1st Set of Benefits

  1. The professionals will fast-track you through all the airport formalities and take you to the arrival areas.
  2. They will take care of all the steps of your journey, from arrival to departure.
  3. If you add on to the car pick up service, your pick up car will be dropped at the outside of the arrival terminals.
  4. The professionals will make sure you’re well looked after on your arrival.
  5. With fast track service, the professionals will ensure a swift, smooth and safe passage through the airport.
  6. From collecting and stamping the approved visa to transfers, and baggage, you can fully rely on the fast track service.

2nd Set of Benefits

  1. This airport fast track services will make the airport something to look forward to – for you, your clients or your beloved ones.
  2. They will also support with your personal belongings. Yes, baggage porters are available on request. If you add on baggage porters for extra, the staff will carry your luggage and help you take it to your destination place at the airport.
  3. You will be assisted and escorted through the fast track immigration.
  4. In a short time, you will get your passport back with the approved visa stamped it on.
  5. You no need to get in the line for the visa collecting and stamping process.
  6. For first time visitors, people who stuck with the language problem, pregnant women, women with children, disabled persons, elderly, infants, business people, VIPs, and celebrities, it will be very helpful to cross the visa process peacefully smoothly, and timely.

Details Asked For Filling the Fast Track Application 

In the first section of the Vietnam visa on arrival fast track for Ho Chi Minh City, you will be asked to fill the form with the service you need.

  • You will be asked the type of Airport fast track that you are in need of.
  • Choose “YES,” if you in need of car pick-up, or click “NO.”
  • You have to choose the Arrival port/airport
  • You have to mention the number of person

In the second section, you have to fill the details of yours to pick up you at the airport

  • You have to enter the Welcome name
  • Then have to fill the arrival date with time
  • Finally, mention your flight number

In the thirst section, you have to fill the details to contact you in an emergency

  • You should enter your full name as like in your passport
  • Then enter your valid email ID
  • Give the right phone number that you will use even in Vietnam
  • Here in the comment section, you can write things that you are looking for
  • In the final section, you have to finish the payment
  • Here, finally, you have to pay the service fee via debit or credit card.

Visa Applying Process before Applying Fast Track Service 

Before you apply for the fast track service, you need to get your visa approved. So, you should apply for your visa firstly. For this, you have to find the 100% risk-free website that even offers a 100% money back guaranty.

Then start applying for the Visa via visa on arrival option by filling the application. Then you will be asked to pay the service fee for visa on arrival. While applying, if you add to the express service, your visa will get approved with in the days you will request for, or your visa will get approved within two or three days. Once your visa approves, the visa approved letter will be sent to you via mail at the same time.

After then, you can apply for the fast track service. Make sure you apply for the Vietnam visa on arrival fast track for Ho Chi Minh City airport 4 hours before your departure in your country.


As one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Vietnam attracts many visitors towards it every year. If you are the one among them and planning to visit Vietnam for the first time then you will be exited to visit the wonder spots of Vietnam without any hassle.

Ho Chi Minh City Airport concierge service offers the best proficient, customized air terminal help for travelers in Ho Chi Minh city International Airport, both pre-planned and in crises. The services likewise give airplane ground taking care of service to sanctions in Ho Chi Minh city International Airport.

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