January 21, 2020
Visa Fast Track

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track in Hanoi Airport; Types

Applied for your Vietnam visa via visa on arrival, and received the visa approved letter? But, in a little fear of visa collecting and stamping process have done in your Hanoi Vietnam international airport? Don’t pain! You will get it done easily without standing a long queue in the airport immigration counter. Wondering how? Vietnam visa on arrival fast track in Hanoi airport is here to help you with those processes. From collecting and stamping your approved visa to take you to the parking area , they will help you with all. For that, you have to apply for it once your visa approved and the visa approved letter send to you. Before that, you should know the types of Vietnam fast track that exists today to make use of it. Read more to learn more.

Types of Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track in Hanoi

There are two types of Vietnam visa on arrival fast track in Hanoi exists today. Based on the service you prefer, you can choose one option for your visa process at the airport. But, with both options, you can seek help in collecting and stamping the approved visa. Also, they will help you in filling the entry-exit application.

 Here are the types of fast track service,

  1. VIP Service
  2. Standard Fast Track

VIP Service

For VIP service, the solemn ritual will be provided to the VIP guests visiting Vietnam on business by charter flight or commercial flight. This VIP service goal is to save the guest precious time and provide a health guarantee. The professionals will take good care of the visitor and will greet at the aircraft and received special treatments that are intended for diplomatic officers. They help collect the approved visa and get it stamped at their passport, also help them in other necessary formalities on behalf of them. They also escort the VIPs go-to luggage lounge to assist them in taking care of the luggage as baggage porters.

Standard Fast Track

Once you reach Hanoi airport, the professional will be ready to welcome you at the landing visa counter via the name board. Without getting you to stand in a line, they will finish the approved visa collecting and stamping at your passport process within minutes. This time spends will be equal to the time to collect your luggage at the airport. Here, if you add on to the pickup car service and lifting luggage service as addition, the staffs will help you with theses service.

Required Things for Visa Process At Hanoi Airport

Yes, the professionals of Vietnam visa on arrival fast track in Hanoi help you with the visa collecting and stamping it at the passport process. But, you need to give the professional the needed requirement to make the process successful. They are,

  1. Your approved visa letter
  2. Your passport with at least six-month validity
  3. Ready cash for paying the stamp fee ( if you opt to multi-entry visa type, you should give USD 50, or if you are with single entry via type, you have to pay USD 25)
  4. Passport size photo of yours (2 copy)
  5. Visa entry and exit application

Only with this require details will you be verified and handover your approved visa. So be sure to have these details with your hand. For doubts, you can contact your travel agency.

The Departure Services Exist

From the moment you arrive at the airport until your flight is airborne, the professionals will assist you with the complete departure service.

Some of the departure services you will benefit by hiring a Vietnam visa on arrival fast track in Hanoi are listed below.

  1. When you are ready to board, the staff will escort you to the lounge and to the aircraft gate.
  2. They will help you with all the check-in and security processes.
  3. With preferred seats arranged, provide pre-check-in service.
  4. If you booked for the baggage porters, the staff will collect bags and transfer to check-in.
  5. The professionals will meet and assist directly outside the terminal.

Fast Track Service Recommended For?

  • Are you planned to visit Vietnam with you group people? Then Vietnam visa on arrival fast track in Hanoi is a smart choice! You can save your time, and start your enjoyment with your group from the airport.
  • Are you a businessman, you don’t have time for these processes? This Vietnam visa on arrival fast track in Hanoi will help you save your time!
  • Are you a pregnant woman who faces difficulties in standing a long queue? This Vietnam visa on arrival fast track service help get rid of difficulties!
  • Are you a disabled person or elderly or infants, who feel hard to finish this process? This Vietnam fast track service will help you with finish this process without any hassle!

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