May 26, 2020
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Vietnam Visa Requirements for your Child

Parents whose kids have their own passports should apply for a visa for their child separately. Furthermore, they must accompany their child on a trip to Vietnam. If the parents are not around, a guardian or an authorized adult who has the permission to bring the child to Vietnam should accompany the child when passing through airport immigration or passport control.

The child will be granted his or her own Vietnam visa and you need to bring this with you on your trip. If the child is below 14 years old and he or she shares a passport with the parent or guardian, then he or she will also share the Vietnam visa that was granted to the parent or guardian. It should be declared on the visa that the adult is sharing it with the child.

So if your child is less than 14 years old and he or she doesn’t have any passport yet, you must indicate on your visa application that you also need a visa for your child who will be with you on the trip.

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Children who have their own passport should submit a separate application for Vietnam e-visa. Accompanied children who is included in their father or mother’s passport should be in same visa application for Vietnam e-visa with their father or mother.

According to the travel policies and rules laid down by the state, everyone who is entering the borders of the country needs a valid visa and all the documents necessary to validate their identity. Children are required visa to get into Vietnam and they should go with their parent or guardian .

There are several other types of visas that you can apply for your kids when taking them on your Vietnam trip. You can choose the standard visa, which you can obtain from a Vietnam embassy near you.

One of the most important requirements for your child to be allowed entry to Vietnam is the visa. Therefore, it’s important that you have a Vietnam visa for children with you as you arrive at the airport in Vietnam.

When applying for a Vietnam e-visa for your kids, there are certain requirements that you need to comply with. You need to prepare these requirements ahead before applying for the e-Visa online.

The Vietnam e-Visa is currently available to citizens of more than 81 countries (Country list for Vietnam e-visa). If you and your child is a citizen of any of these eligible countries, then you can go online and apply for the e-Visa.

The requirements for the Vietnam visa of your child will be the same with the requirements of your own visa too. If applying online, then you need to provide a scanned copy of the biographical page of your child’s passport.

If you are travelling with your children, they need separate visa to enter Vietnam. While apply for E-visa, the applicant’s photo should meet some specifications.

Case 1: If the child under the age of 14 is included in their parent’s or guardian’s passport, then it is not necessary to submit an individual application for Vietnam visa for children. As a parent, you need to mention that you will be travelling with a minor who is included in your passport.