February 8, 2020
Airport Fast Track

What is Fast track concierge service accessible at the Cam Ranh airport?

Traveling to Vietnam with Visa on arrival visa type, then I believe you are well aware of all the things you should take care. Such as how to deal with the Visa on arrival after arriving at the Cam Ranh Airport? How and where to collect your luggage? How to proceed to the Cam Ranh Bay for starting your trip?

Therefore, you need to remember that the procedure is not that easy as the Cam Ranh is one of the crowded airports in Vietnam. Thus, it implies that you need to remain in line to get the visa stamp.

In this way, it is a lengthy procedure where it might take around hours to get the stamp on your Visa. Further to get assistance help, you ought to decide on the Fast track concierge service assistance accessible at the Vietnam airport.

What is Fast track concierge service accessible at the Cam Ranh airport?

It’s where the expert help staff will invite you at the arrival gate and afterward take you to the VIP lounge. Then, you can hand over your records like preapproved visa letters, stamping expenses, NAF1 structures, and different reports as required. Hence, presently you can sit serenely, though the staff will deal with your Immigration process. The person will get the visa stamp on your passport inside 15 minutes.

Vietnam fast track concierge service available at Vietnam Airport is according to the accompanying:

  • Luggage Porter Service – you can, in the same way, recognize baggage porter service under the VIP service. With this service, a luggage porter will come to meet you at the airport to pass on your stuff. He will help pass on your things to your vehicle as well.
  • Vehicle pickup – For the situation that you need a vehicle to get you as you land, by then, they can in like way organize that for you. An authority English-talking driver will come to meet you to guarantee comfort. Also, you’ll be driven in a safe and booked vehicle; this will ensure that you can start your travel trouble-free.
  • Departure Flight service – The Fast track concierge service help isn’t just accessible to the arriving visitors. Travelers who are departing from Vietnam Airport can besides utilize this service. With their assistance, you can without much of a stretch registration for your flight adequately. You will, in like manner, go with the Fast track concierge service help while going at security and visa control. The staff will promise you to land at the flight gate on time.

What is the expense of selecting fast track concierge service assistance?

The expense for brisk selection service costs 22 USD/pax, which the Visa stamping charge. The charge you need to pay for getting the visas stamp on your passport.

Who should utilize Vietnam fast track concierge service attendant service?

Any individual who applies for a Vietnam visa on arrival can, in like way, use Vietnam fast track concierge service attendant service to spare their time at the Vietnam airport. Regardless, the service is for the most part embraced for:

  • If you are making a trip first time to Vietnam
  • People are going with newborn children or seniors in the family.
  • People traveling in a group
  • For the pregnant or crippled individuals
  • Vietnam Travelers who would prefer not to waste time on finishing their visa conventions. For example, Business experts and professionals.

Fast track concierge service assistance types

The assortment of services accessible for you to process your Visa rapidly. Accordingly, you have a decision to pick the sort of quick track service you require. There are two sorts of Fast track concierge service visa services accessible for you to choose, for example,

  • Standard Fast track concierge service assistance – For the circumstance that you secure a Vietnam fast track concierge service at the airport. At that point, the experts will fast track concierge service you at the Landing Visa Counter. At that point, it encourages you to get a visa stamp without getting in long lines as others. Right now, you will get your Visa inside 15-20 minutes, and your Visa will stamp in your passport.
  • The VIP fast track concierge service attendant service – For the circumstance, that you chose VIP fast track concierge service. You will treat like a VIP, and urges you to manage your immigration process. They will welcome you at the arrival desk with your name on the welcome board. Then, you handover your record and Stamping charge. The distinctive staff gets your grasped visa stamp on the passport inside 20 minutes.

Thus, the VIP fast track concierge service help will offer you to feel like a VIP. On the other hand, the service staff will finish your visa stamping procedure and other related conventions. Thus if you still think that “Is it worth paying VIP fast track service through Cam Ranh Airport?” Then the answer is yes.


While travelling to Vietnam, the traveller needs to know that the Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet services. This service is specially for air travellers only.

Every year there are hundreds of travellers coming to Vietnam for jobs, employment or tourism purposes. The country has some mind-blowing beautiful landscapes and diverse culture.

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Vietnam is one of the most favorite destination for the travelers who love adventure and nature. But the actual beauty which is untouched till time lies in the Cam Ranh region of Vietnam.

Anyone who appreciates natural beauty and a spectacular blend of traditions and modernity will love the country of Vietnam. Vietnam is full of unique traditions, culture, cuisine and a long rich history which is reflected in its cities, pagodas, and mausoleums.

Vietnam is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in South East Asia. The beautiful golden beaches, winding deep rivers, Buddhist pagodas, mausoleums, and Vietnamese food and culture is worth a visit.

As Vietnam has many tourist spots to visit, every year many people visit Vietnam. Not only tourist people, the business people also organize many business meet at Vietnam.

Cam Ranh is one of the small cities in Vietnam. It is not much popular compared to other cities in Vietnam.

If you are planning to tour Vietnam, there are many things to consider. Vietnam visa is one of them.