January 22, 2020
Meet and Greet

All about the Hanoi Airport Meet and Greet

Hanoi, Vietnam, is one of the most favorite cities of many travelers around the world in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is mainly a famous destination because of this electrifying city in the nation. You may find a number of the visitor visiting Hanoi around the year for its beauty, culture, and style.

Therefore, one of the easiest and convenient modes of reaching this city is via Hanoi international airport.

Therefore, for visiting Hanoi this summer. At first, apply for your Vietnam visa and then secondly book your flight tickets.

Visa on arrival is famous as well as the most convenient visa type to enter Vietnam. It is because it is the visa type, which is quick and allows you to travel without a visa.

Yes, you can travel with a pre-approved visa letter. You will receive your visa after you arrive at Vietnam airport.

You have to stamp your passport with the visa at the land visa counter at the Hanoi airport. Thus, as we discussed that it is the most visited city around the world. It implies that you may find a massive crowd at the airport. It may delay tour visa stamping or immigration process as many travelers must be queuing for their visa stamp.

Well, don’t panic or don’t think that you may have to drop your plan. Thus, you can opt for the Hanoi airport meet and greet service.

It is an expert help offered by the specialist staff to make your immigration formalities complete efficiently.

The relation between the visa on arrival visa type with meet and greet service

Well, both the services are offered by the consultant website as you can apply for VOA via visiting the genuine consultant site. Then fill your visa application form and submit your details online to receive your pre-approved visa letter. Based on which you can travel or board to the Vietnam flight.

Thus, the meet and greet service is applicable as well as useful for travelers who are traveling via air only. It is available at the airport, and VOA is also a visa type that is applicable for air travel.

Therefore, to avoid the long waiting at the visa tamping counter. One should opt for this service at the time when he or she has applied for their VOA.

How the Hanoi airport Meet and greet concierge Service Helps?

In the case, that you book the Hanoi airport Meet and greet concierge service, then you could get away from the air terminal quickly. That is because the expert staff will manage your visa processing. Instead of lining and present the essentials, they will do it for you. You ought to sit and relax. In only a few minutes, you will receive your passport with a visa stamp.

Other than helping you with your visa, they will, in like manner, give you various points of interest and advantages. In case you will pick the VIP concierge service. Then, they can go with you towards the way toward stamping your visa at the air terminal. Besides, they can have a concierge to come, meet you, and help you with your baggage at the baggage belt. With the help of the Hanoi airport Meet and greet concierge Service. Thus, a vehicle with an English-talking driver will come to meet you.

In addition to this, they provide a vehicle pickup administration. This is also quite beneficial in case if you are arriving in Vietnam late at night.

Options accessible to choose from types of Hanoi airport meet and greet concierge service

There are two choices for you to pick:

  • Meet and greet Service – In this administration type, the administration staff meets you as you land from the plane. The person being referred to will hold a welcome board with your name. As you approach, you’ll be encouraged speedily to the counter for your passport stamping. Since they are there to support you, you ought to plunk down and pause. In this manner, you don’t have to line getting your visa stamp. In this manner, you can relax until the administration staff is back holding your passport with a visa stamp.
  • VIP Meet and greet concierge – In the case that you have to travel like a VIP in Vietnam, the VIP service is perfect for you. With this administration, one of the administration staff will eventually invite you as you land in the country. In the wake of meeting the staff, the individual will process the conventions at the visa arrival counter for your benefit. Hence, inside a couple of moments, you will get your passport with the visa stamp. Besides, since you chose the VIP administration, a baggage porter administration overseer will be holding on to assist you with your luggage.

It is an optional service. Thus you can book for the same if it meets your budget. And also if it matches your needs or requirements.


Most people love to visit Vietnam due to its natural beauty. You may be the one planning to visit Vietnam for vacation or business purpose.

Treat yourself like a privileged individual by opting for the meet and assist service at the airport. Thus, meet and assist is one of the VIP concierge services available at almost every airport around the world.

People love traveling when it comes to having fun. Thrill-seeking youngsters often prefer places where they can have a trip full of adventures and enjoyment.

Hanoi Airport Meet and Assist service is a personal VIP service that travelers can avail from Hanoi airport, also known as the Noi Bai International Airport. If you will sign up for this service, they will send a professional greeter to welcome you as you arrive in Hanoi.