April 28, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Can I Get My Vietnam Visa on Arrival via Phu Bai Airport?

Vietnam is known for its wealth of historical sights. If you’re visiting Vietnam to learn a bit about its history, you should visit the ancient city of Hue. Hue was the capital city of Vietnam for more than a hundred years. It is home to several imperial tombs as well as an ancient imperial city. If you want a convenient way to reach Hue, you should consider flying directly to Phu Bai Airport.

The Phu Bai International Airport is located south of the center of Hue. It serves both domestic and international flights. The airport is fully equipped with facilities that cater to foreign visitors including the Visa Landing counter, where foreign tourists needing a visa can claim their visa on arrival.

If you’re thinking of using the Vietnam visa on arrival via Phu Bai Airport, then here’s everything that you need to know.

What is a Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

The Visa on Arrival is a type of tourist visa that is issued to foreigners arriving at Vietnam airports. But before you can claim this visa, you are required to apply for it online ahead of your flight. Applying for this visa should be easy, as it simply requires you to fill out a visa application form online.

When your visa application is approved, they will email you a pre-approval letter. This letter is proof that you will get your visa at the airport when you arrive. You’ll also receive a blank application form that you need to print together with the letter. To save time, fill out the form in advance so all you need to do is to submit the requirements when you arrive.

With the visa on arrival, you get to choose between a single entry and multiple entry visas. You can also choose whether you need a 30-days or 60-days validity period. However, the visa on arrival is only applicable to foreigners who are entering through the airport since there’s no Visa Landing Counter at the land borders and seaports of Vietnam.

Getting a Vietnam Visa on Arrival via Phu Bai Airport

Getting a Vietnam visa on arrival for your trip to Phu Bai Airport should be easy. Here are the instructions to follow.

  1. Go online and visit the website for a Vietnam visa on arrival application. Fill out the form with your details, such as complete name, nationality, passport number, etc.
  2. Review the form and ensure that everything is correct. Check the spelling and verify if it matches what’s on your passport. If everything is good, then go ahead, and submit your visa application.
  3. After 3 business days, you’ll receive an email for your pre-approval letter and blank application form. Print these documents and fill out the form. Take them with you on your trip to Hue.
  4. Upon arriving at the Phu Bai International Airport in Hue, look for the Visa Landing Counter. Here, submit the letter, application form, passport-sized photo, and your passport. Then pay for the $25 stamping fee. Wait on one side while they process your visa.
  5. Once your visa is available, the officer will call your name. Go back to the counter and claim your passport. Check your passport and you’ll find that the visa is already attached in it.

Why Should You Choose the Visa on Arrival for your Trip to Phu Bai Airport?

The Visa on Arrival is a great visa to use for your trip to Vietnam due to various reasons. First, it’s easy to apply. As you see, you only need to fill out a form online and they will process your visa in advance. So when you arrive at Phu Bai Airport, all you need to do is to submit your requirements.

Another good reason why you should use the Visa on Arrival for Phu Bai Airport is that it allows you to apply for either a single entry or multiple entry visas. If you’re planning to go out of Vietnam and come back again, then you need a multiple entry visa for this. Also, you can choose between 30-days and 60-days for the visa’s validity period.

Things to Keep In Mind

It’s very important that you provide accurate information on your visa application form. Otherwise, your visa application will be delayed or denied. So take time to review before you submit your application. If you notice that you entered some details incorrectly and you’ve already sent in your application, make sure you inform them immediately by sending an email.

Also, apply for your visa as early as you can. If possible, you should send in your application at least two weeks prior to your trip. Even though the processing will only take 3 -5 business days, there are instances when this will be delayed. But if you need the visa very urgently, you can request rush processing but this will require additional payment.


Visa on arrival works if you arrive at any of the four international airports: Noi Bai airport (Ha Noi city), Tan Son Nhat airport (Ho Chi Minh City city), Cam Ranh airport (Nha Trang city) and Da Nang airport (Da Nang city). There is no problem with switching between these four airports.

If you’re heading to Vietnam for a relaxing holiday at the beach, the island of Phu Quoc is the best place to visit. Indeed, Phu Quoc is a true hidden paradise.

Hue is the former capital of Vietnam and still remains to be an interesting place to visit in the country. Unlike the busy metropolis of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Hue has a more laid back appeal.

The Tan Son Nhat Airport is the main airport in Ho Chi Minh City, formerly called Saigon. This airport is considered the busiest airport in Vietnam, serving thousands of travelers every single day.

If you are flying to Vietnam’s capital city of Hanoi, it may be a good idea to apply for a Vietnam e-visa. This visa can be applied over the Internet, which is why it’s a very convenient option for your trip.

When planning a trip to Vietnam, there are certain things you need to research in advance. One of these is your visa.