October 21, 2019
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Charming Love Valley in Da Lat City

The Valley of Love is located in the Northeast which is 6 kilometers from the center of Dalat city. Valley of Love is regarded the little Paris of Vietnam.

The Valley of Love appeals to many travellers especially the newlyweds for their honeymoons and those who love a romantic trip thanks to its romantic landscape. In the past, the French named the green and romantic valley after the most wonderful thing in the world: Love-“Vallé d’Amour” (“Valley of Love”). During the reign of King Bao Dai, the region was called the Valley of Peace. In 1953 the charming valley was renamed as Valley of Love again. And in 1998 Valley of Love was recognized as a national landscape.

The attraction of the landmark is based on the natural, romantic features with many deep valleys, beautiful flowers and endless pine forests. It has been one of the most picturesque and romantic sites of Dalat city.

Da Thien Lake, which was created in 1972, also adds a great deal to the attractiveness of the valley. To truly enjoy the sceneries is not hard because tourists can easily follow the natural tracks and staircases all around the valley to visit and admire the beauty of “the little Paris”. The road around Da Thien Lake is lined by shade trees and leads to Eden Hill, where there is a small garden, tiny tents, and tables and chairs made from stumps. Sitting on this hill, visitors can view the entire lake sparkling below.

For those who want to discover and conquer the height can go up Vong Canh Hill. From that hill, the visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the Valley full of pine trees, beautiful flowers and lawns. Also, they can view the Langbian peaks standing out vividly against the blue sky, or continue their adventure to find the Paradise Hill, another ideal destination which is surrounded by beautiful lakes.

If you travel to the Central Highlands, you shouldn’t miss any well-known tourist attractions in Dalat city especially The Valley of Love.

The beauty of Con Dao Island
October 21, 2019

Con Dao Island is a remote and isolated island of Viet Nam. This island is associated with historic events of Vietnamese people.

Minority Markets
October 21, 2019

Coming to Ha Noi, people like to worship can pay a visit to Tay Ho Pagoda, which is known as the most popular destination for people who want to pray for good things. Tay Ho Pagoda is also known as a beautiful pagoda.

In the world, there are numerous kinds of food which are made by different countries based on each custom and hobby of eating. Among them, Vietnam’s food is said to be special in Asian area because most of dishes are cooked very well by natural ingredients.

One of the most noticeable areas of Viet Nam is the Mekong Delta. It is the biggest delta of the country, including many rivers, canals with a lot of branches.

Thac Ba Lake is one of three Vietnam’s largest artificial lakes and famous for the first hydro power plant. Thac Ba Lake is also well-known for its eco-system site.

Ngo Dong river- the name itself brings a very romantic sentiment. Sailing boat on the river in the harvest, the golden of rice surely makes an unforgettable memory in tourists’ mind.

Van Don is the largest, most populated and most developed island in the archipelago.Van Don is 50km from Ha Long city.