December 27, 2019
Meet and Assist

Common Questions About the Vietnam Airport Meet and Assist Answered

Vietnam is one of the incredible travel destinations that tourists like to explore. The country features great landscapes, beautiful culture, delicious cuisines, and more that people from foreign lands are fond of. To make your trip truly memorable and rewarding, you should sign up for the Vietnam airport meet and assist service. If you’re wondering as to what this all means, check out these common questions and answers described below:

Vietnam Airport Meet and Assist – What is it?

Vietnam has some of the busiest airports, as they witness thousands of passengers coming in and going out every single day. This makes it hard for a traveller, especially those arriving for the first time in the country, to navigate within the airport and do all the formalities necessary to enter Vietnam. With the Vietnam airport meet and greet service, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Besides getting expert assistance when you arrive at the airport, the representative offering the service will help you to avoid the queues and fast track the process, so that you can get out of the airport earlier than expected. This facility is available to anyone booking it for a nominal fee. Perhaps, it feels good to be treated like a celebrity.

For those who don’t have sufficient time to wait and fulfil the formalities, the meet and assist facility will be extremely useful. This service is offered both during arrival and departure.

What is the Meet and Assist Facility Like?

  • During arrival, the staff offering the service will welcome you
  • Fast Track assistance will be offered with regards to the immigration procedures
  • Help will be offered at the luggage drop-off area. A porter may also carry your luggage for you.
  • The representative will get you through the fast lane at security and immigration, thus significantly reducing waiting times.

Assistance is also offered for passengers departing as well. When you reach the airport, the agent will help you with the check-in and immigration procedures. You will then head to the waiting lounge and wait for the flight.

The meet and assist service is offered for passengers on layover as well. If a Traveller has arrived at the airport and have another flight to catch, they can use this service before boarding the departing flight. Certain passengers will have only a limited time period during layovers. In such situations, the fast track assistance offered by the service will come in handy. This lets you get out of the airport at the fastest time possible, so that you won’t miss the departing flight.

Who Can Utilise the Meet and Assist Service?

The Vietnam airport meet and assist service is offered to every single traveller. Whether you are arriving at the airport or departing from the airport, you may book this service in advance and utilise the benefits it has to offer.  Besides the standard offering, a VIP service is also provided with additional benefits.

What are the Benefits of Meet and Assist?

  • The staff offering the meet and assist service are qualified to deliver a pleasant experience for you.
  • You will get expert advice for a hassle-free experience in Vietnam.
  • No more waiting in queue. The fast track assistance will help you fulfil the procedures at the earliest time possible.
  • Different services are offered at various price points to suit your budget. Certain airports provide the service in different packages namely standard, business class, and VIP. Each of these packages come with a variety of benefits that are meant to elevate your travel experience.
  • The agents will assist you from start to finish, thus ensuring that you will pass through the airport without hindrances and difficulties.

How Can You Obtain the Meet and Assist Service?

Vietnam airport meet and assist services are offered at major international airports such as:

These are some of the busiest airports in Vietnam. These airports serve thousands of travellers every day and every year, a majority of whom will be foreign travellers. With the intention to make the overall travel experience delightful for passengers, the Vietnam airport meet and assist service was introduced. Remember that you have to book this service at least 24 hours ahead of the arrival or departure date. This will successfully confirm that you can avail the benefits offered by the service when you arrive at the airport.

Be sure to check the tools and resources to learn more about the service. Book your visa first through the Visa on Arrival service before travelling to Vietnam. Get in touch with the experts today if you have any queries.


Vietnam Airlines, the national flag carrier of Vietnam, has recently launched the Meet and Greet Service. This service will be provided by VIAGS or Vietnam Air-Ground Services Company, which is also affiliated with Vietnam Airlines.

Vietnam is a truly incredible country to visit. It’s home to the Halong Bay, a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its emerald waters and thousands of towering limestone cliffs.

Over recent years, more and more Indians are choosing Vietnam for their holiday destination. Vietjet Air has recognized this and became the first airline to offer direct flights to India from Vietnam and vice versa.

If you want a faster way of passing through Vietnam’s International airport, consider using the services of Vietnam immigration fast track. With this service, an agent will personally meet you to escort you into passing through immigration.

If you’re flying to Vietnam and you need a visa, the Vietnam visa fast track service is something that you should consider. This process will expedite the processing of your visa at the airport.

The Vietnam immigration fast track service is the solution to tired and weary travelers who don’t want to wait for a long time to queue at the airport of Vietnam. If you’ve been to Vietnam before, then you knew that the queue at the airport could get very long especially during the peak season.

If you’re someone who doesn’t want to spend your precious time queuing up at the airport during your trip to Vietnam, then you should book the Vietnam visa on arrival support and fast track service. With their help, you’ll only spend a few minutes at the airport to get your passport stamped with a visa.

If you need to apply for a Visa on Arrival to Vietnam, the Vietnam visa on arrival assistance service can help you. If you will avail of this service, someone will come to meet you at the airport arrival hall.

The Vietnam visa fast track service helps visitors in getting a visa stamp as they arrive in Vietnam. Aside from getting visa stamping, the service also offers porter service at some of Vietnam’s busiest airports.