February 6, 2020
Meet and Greet

Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet Service

Travelling is one of the favourite activities of the people. It reduces stress, helps to experience new cultures, and in turn, expands the horizons of the mind. Vietnam has been a popular tourist destination for quite some time. It is filled with naturally beautiful sceneries and destinations that provide an in-depth look at the fulfilled history of this country. Therefore, the number of travellers coming to this country numbers in the thousands, not to mention the tourists going from the state. Also, the country receives a lot of people coming for business purposes. To ensure the proper time management, it is often the practice within them to employ a well-known company providingĀ Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and GreetĀ services.

The Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet ServiceĀ 

Ho Chi Minh City is a city in Vietnam that plays host to a lot of travellers. The travellers can come to visit this country or some trading purposes. Whatever may be the reason for arriving, the airport at Ho Chi Minh City is burdened with crowds almost every time. If you have time to spare, then you can wait at the counters for the immigration or the visa procedure; for others, it would be an excellent option to chooseĀ Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and GreetĀ services. It would be a time-saving and stress-free alternative for visa stamping.

The persons eligible for this service

There are no specific eligibility criteriaĀ per se for availing this service. If the client can afford the budget, then he or she can book it before the journey. This service is available in the airline counters as well. Upon requesting, you can get the service. As the airport is always bustling with activity of some nature, this airport meet and greet assistance will be beneficial for the following group of people in their journey. The group of passengers who can choose this service will get:

  • Advanced-age travellers.
  • Pregnant lady visitors
  • Ladies accompanied by kids
  • First-time travellers to Vietnam.
  • Group or team of travellers with a large number of members
  • Family or people with active children.
  • Holders of business visa.
  • People arriving for transit into other destination

However, the choice ofĀ Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and GreetĀ services come with some statutory. The services are not related to the airlines nor to the visa process. The government approves the companies that provide these services, and their services are chargeable. However, the charges can be waived in some instances, which is subject solely to the discretion of the providing concern. The company ensures the smooth transition of the official formalities and the hitch-free entry or exit from the country. The extent and type of services can change according to the packages booked by the customer.Ā Ā 

The services to expect with Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet

TheĀ Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and GreetĀ services comprise of the similar provided at the other airports. Usually, you can book these services with the ticket, and that must be at least 24 hours before the arrival. On the completion of the booking, the client will be met at the terminal gate or even at the bridge. The official will make himself or herself known to the tourist and guide them onward with the procedures required. The clients will be accompanied to the visa stamping counter and will be given preference in the fulfilment of the needed formalities. For the persons opting for the airport meet and greet VIP services, the presence at the counters is also not needed. The professional will perform all the visa-related duties and return to the client. The client can have a complimentary porter service for the baggage. The official can also arrange for a car to drop them off at the destination inside the Ho Chi Minh City.

In conclusion

The services are available on request and can be booked along with the ticket at the same counter. However, it must be noted that availingĀ Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and GreetĀ service is not mandatory; the traveller can visit the country without availing this option too. However, rather than spending hours before the check-in and visa counter, the travellers can opt for this service for a stress-free entry.


Is it worth paying VIP fast track service through Ho Chi Minh City Airport? It is the most common query among Vietnam travelers. And to get the answer of the same, you have to go through the benefits and purpose of applying for the support service.

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With the advancement of technology, each of the actions has now become quite easy and simple. So, how can airport services be an exception? Especially when you are visiting a nation like Vietnam, you can expect comprehensive assistance at any of its airports after getting approved for the visa.

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