February 4, 2020
Meet and Greet

Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet: Making your travel easy

The Ho Chi Minh City also known as Saigon is a popular place among tourists from all over the world. Be its immense natural beauty of the place, or its significance in history, its cultural vibrancy or the taste of its mouth-watering cuisine, there is something to offer for everyone in Vietnam. However, as it often happens with the popular tourist destinations, the airport of Ho Chi Minh City witnesses hundreds and thousands of tourists daily. As such, it may consume a lot of your precious hours in standing in long queues. And getting all the formalities regarding the immigration done becomes quite daunting. In order to save your time and ensure that you have a hassle free transition cum exit from the airport, the best way is to opt for the Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet facility.

What is the Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet facility?

The Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet service is a form of guidance service that is available to all those travellers who are moving in or out of Vietnam, through the Ho Chi Minh City Airport. Under ordinary circumstances, a traveller has to go through the various security counters, followed by the immigration lines, baggage claims, and many other such minor formalities.

However, when you opt for this facility, you have nothing to worry about. You may simply skip all these steps and sit back and relax while executives take care of these formalities.

Get the guidance from the staffs directly for Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet 

When you opt for the service, the specially trained staffs wait for you right at the airport bridge. On meeting, they brief you about the various guidelines and processes that you have to follow in order to get your formalities done with ease and the least amount of time.

Now, the number of services for which you would like to get assistance is totally flexible and depends upon your own discretion. But you may be sure that even if you opt for assistance for the limited number of services, the staff will be there with you throughout your time at the airport.

The service is cost effective

If you are thinking that getting such kind of assistance right from the trained officials will cost you a lot of money, then relax! The airport meet and greet facility is cost effective. It is your money as it can save you a great amount of time.

Where can you opt for the service?

The Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet can be applied for online directly at the time when you are putting in your application for a visa to the authorities. Again if you have forgotten to apply for it while applying for the visa, do not panic at all. The leading carriers such as Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Etihad and even Air France offer the facility to their clients directly from their own counters.

Do not stand in the queue even for the passport stamps

Ordinarily, when you reach an international airport, the first big challenge is to having your passport stamped. For this, you have to stand in a long queue. On the other hand, if you opt for the service of Ho Chi Minh City Airport Meet and Greet, you don’t have to do all the formalities. Further, the stamping will be done in a matter of a few seconds only through the fast track service. So you don’t have to stand in any sort of queue. The meet and greet staff will process the formalities for you.

A must during the tourist season

If you are planning to visit the Ho Chi Minh especially during the holiday season when the number of tourists visiting the city is very high, there are chances that completing your airport responsibilities can take several hours. Thus getting the airport meet and greet service will be the best consideration.

Now that you have all the details, you may apply for it easily.


With the advancement of technology, each of the actions has now become quite easy and simple. So, how can airport services be an exception? Especially when you are visiting a nation like Vietnam, you can expect comprehensive assistance at any of its airports after getting approved for the visa.

Vietnam is a popular tourist destination in South Asia. And the travelers in the world visit the country for experiencing the perfect combination of peace, adventure, and culture.

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Gone are the days when people tried and worked harder to earn their money. It involved wastage of money, cost, and time that resulted in unnecessary pressure among the minds of the people.

Ho Chi Minh City is a fantastic tourist destination for Vietnam travelers. It is a place that offers insight into the Vietnam culture.