January 28, 2020
Airport Fast Track

Is It Worth Paying VIP Fast Track Service Through Ho Chi Minh City Airport?

Vietnam is a great country with beautiful locations and a rich cultural heritage. It is also a commercial hub, which paves way for new opportunities in the market places. Vietnam has everything for everyone. Be it an avid tourist who is looking to explore places or a business man who is looking to expand business. Vietnam has it all. The world today has become so fast, and no one has wait. So, every complicated process has been simplified to meet the convenience of the people, with an aim to save time and energy.

So, if you are travelling to Vietnam and want to get rid of the unnecessary time waiting in the long queue, then opt for a VIP fast track service at Ho Chi Minh City Airport. Even the most expert travelers find it hectic at an unfamiliar region. This happens specifically to collect the baggage, passing through the customs clearance and passport control. With Vietnam visa VIP fast track service, your visa stamping process becomes seamless and stress-free.

VIP fast track service at Ho Chi Minh City airport

The VIP fast track service is available for the passengers who arrive at the busy Ho Chi Minh City airport. This service leaves the passengers at ease with easy completion of the process by the agency staff. Thus offering a hassle-free journey.

a) Visa on Arrival

Once when the passengers arrive at the airport, the staff greets the passenger with a welcome board. The staff gets the necessary documents like – 2 passport photos, passport, visa stamping fee, visa approval letter and the entry and exit forms.

b) Visa Stamping Fee

The visa stamping fee depends on the type of visa the traveler is opting for. In case, the traveler is looking to get a single entry visa, it is less expensive when compared with the multiple entries visa. The Vietnam visa on arrival is available for tourists of any purposes, be it business or a personal visit. Just in case, if you are visiting Vietnam for tourism purpose, then a single entry visa would be enough, but if you are a businessman, then you can opt for a three months multiple entries visa. Note – the passenger must give the visa stamp fee in cash, preferably in USD. This would make the process easier.

c) Waiting Time

All that the passenger has to do is to wait at the lounge until the staff returns back with the visa stamped on the passport. It would hardly take a maximum of fifteen minutes if there are no clarifications on the details furnished on the form.

d) Escort Service

The staff from the agency escorts the passenger to the baggage claim section. There the porter will help take all the belongings of the customer and head out of the airport. The passenger can simply relax without worrying about any process. The passenger is then taken outside of the Ho Chi Minh City airport, where he boards on his car to reach his destination in Vietnam.

Who Should Avail The VIP Fast Track Service At Ho Chi Minh City Airport?

The Vietnam visa VIP fast track service at Ho Chi Minh City Airport, is optional to all the travelers commuting through Vietnam. If anyone wishes to ease the immigration procedure and looks to avoid the lengthy wait time, they can opt for this service. But, if you are a person who can manage things on your own, and doesn’t want to spend extra money for this service, then you can proceed as your wish. The most recommended travelers are –

1. Transit Visa Holders

If you are a passenger who is traveling through Vietnam to catch another flight, then this VIP fast track service will benefit you. After landing at the Ho Chi Minh City Airport, you might not have the essential time to wait at the long queue. So, get this service so that you can get the connecting flight quickly.

2. Pregnant women

Pregnant women in general get exhausted very easily. They would require consistent help. Especially when they are commuting, they might require essential support. With the help of VIP fast track service at Ho Chi Minh City Airport, they can pass through the immigration procedure easily without worrying about the process or the baggage.

3. Businessmen and professionals who are looking to attend meeting

These types of people have very limited time to spend waiting at the airport terminal. They have to upsurge towards their next goal of attending meeting or seminars. For this purpose, the VIP fast track service will help them arrive at their destined location on time.

4. Elderly people, physically challenged and Parents with small kids

For these kind of passengers, standing in the line or collecting the baggage might be a problem. Availing the VIP fast track service, will help them remain cool. And also complete the immigration procedure at the earliest without waiting for so long.

The Vietnam visa VIP fast track service at Ho Chi Minh City Airport provides the visitors with an added advantage of quickly finishing off the airport procedures, proving as a great time-saver.


Many travelers visit Vietnam each year. Vietnam is one of the countries in Southeast Asia which is home to many tourist attractions.

Are you an avid traveller looking for your next holiday destination? Are you a businessman who wants to expand your business to new horizon? Vietnam is your ideal destination. Vietnam is a country with great aesthetic beauty and rich cultural heritage.

Gone are the days when people tried and worked harder to earn their money. It involved wastage of money, cost, and time that resulted in unnecessary pressure among the minds of the people.

Ho Chi Minh City is a fantastic tourist destination for Vietnam travelers. It is a place that offers insight into the Vietnam culture.

As one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Vietnam attracts many visitors towards it every year. If you are the one among them and planning to visit Vietnam for the first time then you will be exited to visit the wonder spots of Vietnam without any hassle.

Ho Chi Minh City Airport concierge service offers the best proficient, customized air terminal help for travelers in Ho Chi Minh city International Airport, both pre-planned and in crises. The services likewise give airplane ground taking care of service to sanctions in Ho Chi Minh city International Airport.

Traveling is fun especially when you are visiting places with your family and friends. The place you travel can bring peace and joy on the trip because of the beautiful natural environment you see.