January 25, 2020
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Fast Track Service for Vietnam Visa on Arrival Via Ho Chi Minh City Airport

Are you an avid traveller looking for your next holiday destination? Are you a businessman who wants to expand your business to new horizon? Vietnam is your ideal destination. Vietnam is a country with great aesthetic beauty and rich cultural heritage. It is also an active commercial hub which gives business people new opportunities in market places. So, if you are travelling to Vietnam and want to get a fast track service for Vietnam visa on arrival via Ho Chi Minh City Airport, read this now.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Via Ho Chi Minh City Airport – What to Know?

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Travellers who are planning their travel to Vietnam must apply for a Vietnam visa if their country is not under Vietnam visa exemption list. They can apply for Vietnam visa in three different ways. One can take their time, and travel to Vietnamese embassy to apply for Vietnam visa. Or they can choose Vietnam visa on arrival or Vietnam e-visa to get their work done at the comfort of their home.

The Convenience of Vietnam Visa on Arrival Via Ho Chi Minh City Airport

Compared to the other two procedures, Vietnam visa on arrival is the simplest procedure and involves low cost. The visitor must apply for Vietnam visa online through a travel agency. They can fill the application online with all the basic details required. They also need scanned copies of their passport and photographs. Once they submit all the details online, they should pay a service fee online.

Service Fee

The service fee for Vietnam visa on arrival depends on the type of the visa the travellers is seeking for. If the traveller is seeking for a single month single entry Vietnam visa, the cost is very low compared to the one year multiple entries visa. The Vietnam visa on arrival is available for both business and tourist purposes. The different types of visas available are one month single entry, two months single entry, three months single entry, one month multiple entries, two months multiple entries, three months multiple entries, six months multiple entries, and one year multiple entries.

If you are visiting Vietnam for tourism, a single entry visa is enough. But, if you are a business person who needs to travel to Vietnam often, you can choose three months multiple entries visa or six months multiple entries visa.

Wait Time

After the submission of your online Vietnam visa application form, you must wait for two days. The immigration department of Vietnam will mail you a visa approval letter. You must take a print out of this letter as you must show it at the immigration desk upon your arrival.

Visa Stamping

When you arrive at the destination airport, you must show the visa approval letter along with the visa application to get visa stamp. At the destination airport, you will pay the stamping fee. The stamping fee for single entry visa is $25 and for multiple entries it is $50.

Why Fast Track Service?

When you choose Vietnam visa on arrival to get your Vietnam visa, you must wait in long queue to get your visa stamped to the passport. This requires a lot of time and energy. But, when you choose a fast track service, you don’t have to wait in long queue anymore and save more time.

How It Works?

You can apply for a VIP fast track service while applying for Vietnam visa on arrival. You can also apply separately. All you need is to fill some basic information in an online application and click the submit button. You must pay a small service fee and your stamping fee online.

Upon your arrival at the destination airport, they will assign a staff to pick you from the entry gate. They will take you the baggage drop-off area, collect your bags and escort you to the lounge area. They also offer a special security service for your baggage. While you are relaxing at the lounge, they will get your visa stamp and complete all the visa procedures in five to ten minutes.

The Bottom Line

Fast track service for Vietnam visa on arrival via Ho Chi Minh City Airport is convenient and takes a lot of burden from your shoulder. You don’t have to worry about the complex immigration procedure and spending your precious time on this process. You can reach your accommodation or event on time, and there is no loss of money. For persons with mobility issues, they also offer a free service. With their complimentary porter service, they will carry your baggage and escort you to the exit. They will also arrange transportation, if you are willing to have one. The drivers will drop you at the destination you wish at the right time.


Many travelers visit Vietnam each year. Vietnam is one of the countries in Southeast Asia which is home to many tourist attractions.

Gone are the days when people tried and worked harder to earn their money. It involved wastage of money, cost, and time that resulted in unnecessary pressure among the minds of the people.

Ho Chi Minh City is a fantastic tourist destination for Vietnam travelers. It is a place that offers insight into the Vietnam culture.

As one of the most beautiful countries in the world, Vietnam attracts many visitors towards it every year. If you are the one among them and planning to visit Vietnam for the first time then you will be exited to visit the wonder spots of Vietnam without any hassle.

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Traveling is fun especially when you are visiting places with your family and friends. The place you travel can bring peace and joy on the trip because of the beautiful natural environment you see.