January 24, 2022
Covid 19 Visa tips

Good News : Foreigners are allowed to enter Vietnam if holding valid visa or entry permit

We are very happy to inform that, from 18 Jan 2022, foreigners are allowed to enter Vietnam if holding valid visa or entry permit.

According to Official Dispatch No. 450/VPCP-QHQT dated January 18, 2022 of the Government Office, For foreigners, overseas Vietnamese and their relatives with valid entry documents (permanent residence card, temporary residence card, visa, valid visa exemption certificate) are allowed to enter Vietnam. Please see official document (450-VPCP-QHQT-2022)

Due to Covid, visitors are required to follow update medical guidelines from the government.


List Immunization Certificate and Certificate of recovery from Covid-19 of countries/territories (Update on 07 Oct 2021) 1. Poland 🇵🇱 👉 See “EU Digital COVID Certificate” of Poland 2.

Danh sách Mẫu Giấy chứng nhận tiêm chủng và Giấy xác nhận đã khỏi bệnh Covid-19 của các nước/vùng lãnh thổ (Cập nhật đến ngày 07/10/2021) 1. Poland 🇵🇱 Ba Lan 👉 Xin xem công hàm ngoại giao xác nhận “Chứng chỉ chứng nhận tiêm chủng kỹ thuật số (EU)” của Poland 2.

Vietnam is a great country to visit for those who are into culture and history. But aside from this, the country is also known for its delicious foods, scenic sights, and beautiful beaches.

The entry permit is a new concept for foreigners visiting Vietnam. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, the entry permit is not a requirement for entry to Vietnam.

Currently, there is change to the prevention measures against Covid-19 in Vietnam. Therefore, visitors being vaccinated with Covid-19 who entering Vietnam still have to stay in isolation area for 14 days.

Việt Nam hiện tại vẫn chưa có thông báo về việc thay đổi biện pháp phòng chống dịch Covid-19. Dù được tiêm vắc-xin Covid-19, người nhập cảnh Việt Nam vẫn phải cách ly 14 ngày theo quy định.

Traveling to Vietnam these days can be complicated. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, there are several requirements and health protocols that visitors must follow before they can be allowed entry into the country.

Vietnam is currently allowing the entry of certain groups of passengers who come from certain countries around the world. These include Vietnamese citizens who wanted to return home.

After closing its borders for several months due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam is open once again. However, it will only allow the entry of visitors who are coming for essential visits for now.