February 6, 2020
Meet and Assist

Hanoi City Airport Meet and Assist: Note down the important aspects

Vietnam is a breathtaking nation that witnesses an influx of tourists almost throughout the year. Especially, if you have a visa and landed on the Hanoi airport to get an entry to Vietnam, then, you will get to many tourists overcrowding the long queues inside there. Completing all the visa-stamping procedures by standing in those long lines one after the other can be a bit hectic. But, you donโ€™t need to stress yourself at all as the Hanoi City Airport Meet and Assist service to help you in this regard.

An amicable airport professional will firstly welcome you at the airport. He will take you all the way to the airport. Then a team of professionals will help you to accomplish each of the airport-related formalities within minutes that would otherwise take 3-4 hours at a go. Besides, you will also get the privilege of a car and a porter apart from the conventional service. Where the porter will take complete care of your luggage, a car will wait for you outside the airport to bring you all the way to the hotel where you will stay during your entire Vietnam trip.

How do the Hanoi City Airport Meet and Assist service help?

The primary objective of the Hanoi City Airport Meet and Assist service is to free you from the clutches of waiting in the long lines for hours to complete all your airport procedures successfully. An airport professional will firstly receive you at the airport. You can easily identify your airport representative as he/she will hold a banner in his/her hand with your name clearly written on it. Then, a representative will take you to all the checkpoints inside the airport one after the other to complete all the formalities in connection to each of those checkpoints.

Subsequently, when you will step out of the airport, you will see a car waiting for you outside. This car will be responsible for taking you to the hotel where you will stay during your Vietnam trip. Besides, if you are a bit concerned about your luggage, then donโ€™t stress yourself at all. The reason is, an amicable porter will assist you in this regard by taking complete care of your luggage. The Hanoi City Airport Meet and Assist is especially beneficial for the older adults who find it a bit strenuous to stand and wait in the lines to go through all their airport procedures.

Benefits of the Hanoi City Airport Meet and Assist service

There are benefits aplenty when it comes availing the Hanoi City Airport Meet and Assist service. Some of these benefits can be considered as follows:

  • The booking process is carried out online. Hence, you donโ€™t have to be apprehensive of your money being duped.
  • Elderly people can sit and relax in the waiting lounge while the airport processes are being processed within a span of 10-15 minutes.
  • Business people who seem the busiest can now catch their next flight without spending hours to accomplish the various procedures of the airport etc.

Remember, these privileges will vary according to the service you choose, i.e. either the normal meet and assist service or the VIP meet and service.

Who all can apply?

When it comes to availing the Hanoi City Airport Meet and Assist service, not everyone can apply for it. Some of the people who indispensably require the meet and greetย service include:

  • Women who are pregnant
  • Aged people
  • Visitors with a transit visa
  • Group travelers
  • People who are carrying children along with them

An affordable service

The meet and greet service do not require you to pay an excessive amount in any way. The entire process takes place online. You have to pay a nominal charge in order to book this service. Vietnam meet and assist service is a comprehensive service that aims at simplifying the tedious process of waiting in the queues to execute the procedures in a successful manner. So, apply for the Hanoi City Airport Meet and Assist service so as to undergo a hassle-free official procedure after arriving at the Hanoi airport.


Vietnam is full of natural abundance and is, therefore, the place to have a thriving business scene. True to the notion, this country experiences the footfall of hundreds of tourists and businessmen in their works or pleasure targets, where the number can reach up to 15.

Vietnam has recently made its way up the tourism ladder. With its bustling cities and Buddhist Pagodas, Vietnam has become one of the popular tourist hubs in Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is one of the busiest countries with many tourists every year. It contains many tourist spots that make your trip the most memorable one.

Vietnam is rich in culture, natural beauty, and also has a thriving business scene. The number of tourists and persons visiting for trading purposes is extensive.

Vietnam is a mesmerizing nation that welcomes numerous tourists every year. But, not many people are aware of theย Hanoi Airport Meet and Assistย service once he/she arrives at the Hanoi airport with the visa.

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Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. Many travelers across the globe travel to Vietnam frequently.

Vietnam is one of the most famous countries in Southeast Asia. It is popular for its attractive places and tourist attractions.