February 5, 2020
Airport Fast Track

Is it worth paying for VIP fast track service through Hanoi city airport?

Vietnam has recently made its way up the tourism ladder. With its bustling cities and Buddhist Pagodas, Vietnam has become one of the popular tourist hubs in Southeast Asia. Do you have upcoming plans to visit Vietnam? That is probably why youโ€™re scouting for various visa procedures, right? If you are landing at the Hanoi airport and is having a hard time deciding on choosing VIP fast track services, here is what you need to know. Read on to decide whether it is worth paying for the VIP fast track service at the Hanoi airport or not.

First of all, you need to know what exactly the VIP fast track service is and what all services are offered at Hanoi airport.

What is the VIP fast track service that Hanoi city airport offers?

Being one of the busiest airports of Vietnam, Noi Bai airport, you are bound to tumble over the visa hassles. The airport at Hanoi offers the traveller a wide range of services. One is the standard fast track service and secondly, the VIP fast track service.

The VIP fast track service at Hanoi city airport is a facility that lets you comfortably travel with expert personnel for assistance. As part of the VIP service, the staff will meet you at the airport gate. All formalities will be taken care of while you peacefully wait. Furthermore, they also provide baggage and hotel assistance.

Who can utilize the VIP fast track service at Hanoi city airport?

Anybody wanting to evade the confusions at visa counters at Hanoi can apply for its VIP fast track service. Generally, this amenity of VIP fast track service at Hanoi airport is suggested for:

  • Pregnant women
  • Elderly having difficulties waiting in long queues
  • Businessmen
  • Those traveling with kids
  • People traveling in larger groups
  • Differently-abled people
  • Those visiting Vietnam for the first time
  • Those in transit with a narrow layover

Is it really worth paying for VIP fast track service at Hanoi city airport?

Imagine waiting for hours in long queues just to complete your immigration procedures. What if you have an urgent meeting to attend? Or even worse, a connecting flight around the corner? Surely, you wouldnโ€™t want to miss that.

Vietnam is well connected to the world. There are plenty of premium airlines that depart or arrive at Hanoi airport daily. This, in turn, makes the immigration and visa processes tedious and time-consuming, especially during the peak hours. Thus, people grumble about the tiring formalities that take forever to complete. This is where the VIP fast track service at Hanoi airport comes in handy. Here are a few reasons why you should consider booking the VIP fast track service at Hanoi airport:

  • First of all, VIP fast track amenities let you have a pleasant experience during various procedures at the airport.
  • Secondly, you will get assistance all the way from the time of arrival until the completion of your visa formalities.
  • Apart from evading queues, you can also opt for other services for baggage, car, and even hotels. Through the VIP fast track service at Hanoi airport, you can tailor it as per your requirements.

Be it a business tour, a vacation, or even a layover, the VIP fast track facilities will ensure your comfort. Thus, it lets you travel smoothly. So, what do you think? Is it worth paying VIP fast track service through Hanoi city airport? Read on to know how to apply.

How to apply for the VIP fast track service at Hanoi city airport?

So, did you finalise on applying for a VIP fast track service at Hanoi airport? If yes, here is how you can do it.

  1. Just like any other service in todayโ€™s world, online VIP fast track services are available as well. You can book this via online portals while filling your Visa on arrival forms. You should carefully fill in all your details. This includes your name and contact details. You will also have to submit two photos. Mention the arrival time of your flight and donโ€™t forget to select the airport as Hanoi!
  2. If you are not well versed in online applications, get an agency to do it for you. Well, it can take about two to three working days to receive the letter of Visa approval. Keep a note to take it along with you while traveling. There will be staff waiting at the airport to greet and escort you through the process.

VIP fast track service at Hanoi airport lets you taste the luxury in travel. You can either use the services to travel comfortably or choose to experience the hassle. Finally, it is your choice to make. Therefore, decide wisely on whether you want to spend money on VIP fast track service at Hanoi or not.


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Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Southeast Asia. Many travelers across the globe travel to Vietnam frequently.

Vietnam is one of the most famous countries in Southeast Asia. It is popular for its attractive places and tourist attractions.

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