January 23, 2020
Meet and Greet

How Important is Hanoi Airport Meet and Greet Services?

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam is filled with numerous cultural standards influenced by Southeast Asian, Chinese, and French. Trade is very popular in Hanoi. It consists of many little temples that stand as a witness to centuries-old architecture. This is a crowded city packed with many places, events, and activities that attracts both adults and children. So, if you are thinking to choose Hanoi as your holiday destination, Hanoi airport meet and greet service will help you.

What Exactly Is Hanoi Airport Meet and Greet Service?

As the busiest airport in Vietnam, Hanoi’s Noi Bai International Airport receives a huge foreign crowd each day. These people visit Vietnam either for tourist purposes or business purposes. Whether you are travelling to Vietnam for business or tourist purposes, you must get a visa to enter Vietnam if your country isn’t in the Vietnam visa exemption list. While applying visa, if you choose Hanoi meet and greet service, you can enjoy great convenient services on arrival, connection, and departure.

Different Methods to Apply Vietnam Visa

If your country is not under the Vietnam visa exemption list, you can apply for Vietnam visa through three different methods. One can opt for Vietnam visa from embassy, through Vietnam visa on arrival, or e-visa.

Through Embassy

Applying Vietnam visa through embassy involves going through the most tedious process. It requires you to travel to a Vietnamese embassy or consulate in your country along with your original documents. You must wait in queue to fill out a visa application form. The whole procedure takes more than a week, and you must travel back to the embassy to apply for new Vietnam visa in case of visa rejection.
This method doesn’t work well if you are planning to travel to Vietnam within a week in case of emergency.

Vietnam E-visa

Filling out an online application form to get your Vietnam e-visa is a quick and easy procedure. Your application gets processed in three days and you will receive the visa in PDF form to your e-mail. You can download it to submit at the immigration department upon your arrival at the destination airport. This e-visa is valid for 30 days and single entry. But, the procedure is costlier and involves no waiting.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

The candidates who are applying through Vietnam visa on arrival is wise enough to choose the simplest procedure for applying Vietnam visa. All you can do is, enter the basic details in an online application and submit by paying service fee. It takes two working days to process your visa. After processing, your will get your visa approval in your e-mail. You must download the visa approval letter and the visa application form to furnish it before the immigration department to stamp the visa to the passport.

Visa Stamping

But, the stamping process takes more time at the airport and if you are in a hurry, you couldn’t do it properly. This is the place where Hanoi meet and greet service comes into play.

Hanoi Airport Meet and Greet Service

If you want to save more time at the destination airport, you can choose the Hanoi airport meet and greet service while applying for Vietnam visa on arrival. This service gives you access to VIP lounge, transit assistance, airport assistance, chauffeured transportation, personal security, and more. This service ensures smooth arrival at the destination airport.

What Does It Include?

Hanoi airport meet and greet service provides a warm welcome to greet you with a personalized name board. The professional will also have access to different immigration counters, assistance for custom clearance, luggage assistance, and other services. There are two different kinds of meet and greet service.

Standard or Normal Service

This service is a basic that allows visitors who choose meet and greet service to avoid waiting time at the destination airport to clear the visa on arrival procedure.

VIP or CIP Service

This package includes the basic meet and greet service that avoids queuing and an additional service. The additional service involves escorting the visitors fast cross the VIP gate for quick checking at the passport control.

Both these services are available in any airport, for any airline or visitor.

Bypass Passport and Visa Lines

When you choose Hanoi Airport meet and greet service, you don’t have to wait in long lines to get your visa stamped to your passport. The professionals will help you in this and ensure quick arrival and smooth departure.

Escape Congestion

This service helps you to escape congestion as the airport is always crowded.

Priority Baggage Drop Off

Have you ever gone out of control while waiting for your turn to pick your bag from the belt? Than you must need to book a Hanoi Airport meet and greet service. You will also enjoy fast service for all arrival and departure formalities.


Hanoi, Vietnam, is one of the most favorite cities of many travelers around the world in Southeast Asia. Vietnam is mainly a famous destination because of this electrifying city in the nation.

Most people love to visit Vietnam due to its natural beauty. You may be the one planning to visit Vietnam for vacation or business purpose.

Treat yourself like a privileged individual by opting for the meet and assist service at the airport. Thus, meet and assist is one of the VIP concierge services available at almost every airport around the world.

People love traveling when it comes to having fun. Thrill-seeking youngsters often prefer places where they can have a trip full of adventures and enjoyment.

Hanoi Airport Meet and Assist service is a personal VIP service that travelers can avail from Hanoi airport, also known as the Noi Bai International Airport. If you will sign up for this service, they will send a professional greeter to welcome you as you arrive in Hanoi.