January 29, 2020
Visa Fast Track

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Hanoi airport

In case if you are visiting Vietnam via Visa on arrival, then there are some essential things to know. Well, Visa on arrival is a visa type that is quite popular among the travelers who are visiting via air mode. It is because of the following reasons:

  • At first, VOA is only a valid visa application for travelers traveling via air.
  • Secondly, it is a preapproved visa which allows you to travel without a valid visa stamp.
  • Thirdly, the visa application process is thoroughly online. Thus, it saves your time and money.

Therefore, I believe you are also aware of the above benefits of Visa on arrival visa type. But do you know that after you arrive at the Hanoi international airport in Vietnam? Then you have to go through a lengthy cum tiring visa immigration procedure by visiting through the land visa counter at the airport.

At this counter, you have to present all your documents like passport, preapproved visa letter, visa stamping fees, and other applicable documents. Then on verifying, the same the Vietnam immigration department officer stamp your passport.

Thus, the process is not lengthy, but you have to stand in a queue for your number as Hanoi is one of the buzziest airports of Hanoi. And you may have to wait a lot to get your visa stamp β€” that why the process called as tiring when you have traveled a long flight. Therefore, to avoid such hassle, all you need is to go through the Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Hanoi airport.

What is Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Hanoi airport?

It is a service that allows travelers to manage their immigration formalities with the help of the expert personnel. The experts here refer to the people who become your assistant at the Hanoi airport to handle your formalities. The agent assigns the staff from where you have booked the service. Further, the staff will receive you at the arrivals. And then handles all your queries and assist you in the process of getting your visa stamp.

You have two types of’ fast track services to select as per your requirement, which is as follows:

  • Standard fast track service- It is the service where the staff will assist you while going through your immigration process. And within 10-15 minutes, you will able to receive your passport stamp.
  • VIP fast track service- This is an exceptional service that offers you many more benefits than the visa formalities. The staff helps you in our visa process and, in addition, also helps you in baggage control, car pick service, hotel assistance, and more. Thus, you may feel like a celebrity by opting for this service. You can sit relaxing at the VIP lounge where the service staff will manage your entire thing.

So as per the service need, you can opt for the service which best meets your requirements. Further, the services are optional and are available at an additional cost. Thus, it all depends on your need to opt for the same.

Recommended individuals

Well, the service is optional, but in the case of a few individuals, it is termed as an essential service. Thus, the individuals who are recommended to take the service are as follows:

  • People with small kids- it is messy to handle visa things when you are traveling with your little ones. The kids are always demanding, and after a long flight. They will simply not in a mood to wait. Therefore, it is best to opt for the service so that you can focus on kids.
  • An individual who is aged and traveling with aged- Age is just a number is also a saying, but it is not recommendable for aged people to stand in long queues. Thus, opt for the service to manage your things while you can relax and rest.
  • Pregnant ladies- pregnancy requires a lot more care, and it is simply not a good option to stand in queues. So opt the service to get the expert help.
  • Buzzy professionals- the professionals and businessmen, cannot have much time to spare as that can be man-hour lose to them. In that case, the service is recommendable.
  • Group travelers- it will be time-consuming when all the people in the group have to wait for individuals for their visa turn. Then, in this case, also the service offers benefits to you.
  • Any other individual- All those people who is not interested in waiting for long for the process is also most welcome to opt.

Thus, Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Hanoi airport is a service that helps you in managing your stuff efficiently. It allows you to completely manage and track your things professionally as well as hassle-free.


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