February 3, 2020
Meet and Greet

How Can The Best Noi Bai Airport Meet And Greet Services Benefit You

The international airport of Noi Bai is the largest in Vietnam in terms of total visitor handling capacity. It is situated in the capital city of Hanoi and is one of the busiest airports in the country. The volume of passengers coming in the country is vast, and consequently, the average time taken to complete all the formalities; for both arrival and departure situations is quite lengthy. To avoid this problem, the needy travelers can opt for theΒ Noi Bai Airport Meet and GreetΒ services in their journey. Choosing the appropriate consultant will help in the process of completing the required paperwork.

Who can avail of the Noi Bai Airport Meet And Greet service?

There is no specific rule for availing theΒ Noi Bai Airport Meet and GreetΒ service. Anyone who requires and will be able to pay the charges can book these services. However, as this airport is almost always bustling with activity. Thousands of people visit the airport daily. It is better for the following group of people to avail of this service in their journey. The types of passengers that can avail this particular offering to have a trouble-free journey can be listed as;

  • Travelers aged 65 years or more.
  • Expecting female tourists
  • Ladies with kids
  • People with toddlers or active children
  • Business visa holders
  • Individuals traveling with a transfer visa
  • Travelers coming to Vietnam for the first time
  • Travelers having a large number in their groups

Using the option ofΒ Noi Bai Airport Meet and GreetΒ service will be beneficial for the travelers mentioned above.

The types of Noi Bai Airport Meet and Greet services

Noi Bai airport of Vietnam is a two-way airport, which means that flights both go out and come to this airport during their journey. In some cases, the transit passengers, that is, the travelers waiting in-between their travels, can also avail particular tasks provided by the related concern. In broad classification, the services can be divided into three principal categories;

1. Assistance at the departure point

In this method, the assigned professional will help you in the check-in process and also save time at the various counters. They will also help the clients through the immigration and security clearance process. They will guide the client through the boarding gate and ensure that they receive priority handling services.

2. Assistance on arrival

The clients applying through Vietnam Visa-on-arrival or E-visa can avail of this service. When clients choose a service upon entrance, the staff will meet you at the terminal of the airport or the bridge. They will help them move quickly through the immigration process. In case the visitor has booked their visa via the Vietnam visa-on-arrival, there is no need to wait at the destination airport to get the visa stamped to the passport.

In such cases, the specialists will guide them to a lounge, and they will be given precedence in stamping the visa to the passport. This does not need any extra charge, as the charge they have made while selecting the meet and greet service is included in it. In addition, they also offer help at the baggage drop-off area. If they need such, the provision of complimentary porter service to carry the bags from the drop-off zone to the arrival terminal can also be provided.

3. Meet and Greet through Transfer

This is applicable for passengers who need assistance in transferring from one terminal to another in their journey. Upon opting for meet and greet service, the professionals will wait at the coming terminal to receive the client. They will help in quickly going over the transfer desk regulations. They will also guide in the transferring between the terminuses or within the same terminal. The professionals will guide the client to the boarding gate.

Other conditions

TheΒ Noi Bai Airport Meet and GreetΒ service is not free for the general public; it requires a fee that must be paid during the selection of the service. However, for some cases where a person with a motion challenge is involved, the price may be rescinded by the provider’s concern. Usually, the service will have to be booked at least a day before the visitor is arriving at the airport. If the traveler can afford the budget, there is also the provision of VIP service. The services provided are similar; only the client can rest in the lounge area while the professionals will be responsible for doing their job on a priority basis.


When you arrive at the Noi Bai airport, you will see tourists overcrowding the airport. The reason is Vietnam is a bustling nation that witnesses an influx of travelers almost every year.

Are you looking for the Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through the Noi Bai airport service to ease out your visa stamping process? Then the fast track service is the best service for you. The service comes optional to travelers.

Traveling around Vietnam is fun, but many travelers face a lot of problems while at the immigration process. They have to wait at the long queues for hours to get their visa stamped and also they have to undergo lengthy procedures.

Traveling is fun, but many travelers face a lot of problems until they reach their destination.one of the biggest hurdles the visitors usually face is the airport.

Vietnam is a top-rated tourist country which attracts people from all over the world. Every day, you can see a huge number of people migrating to Vietnam for business or tourist purpose.

The Noi Bai Airport Meet and Greet service through arrivals or departures helps out with your secure transfers, baggage, & family travel. The Noi Bai Airport meet and greet service ensure a swift, smooth and safe passage through the airport to make the airport something to look forward to you and your loved ones.