January 29, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Vietnam Visa on Arrival via Noi Bai Airport; Things to Apply Now!Β 

Are you a businessman who is looking to visit Vietnam via Noi Bai airport for business purposes, and so in need of one month or three months visa type? Then optΒ Vietnam visa on arrival via Noi Bai airport. Did you know, unlike e-visa, visa on arrival comes with four different type of visa type? No matter whether you want to visit Vietnam for and stay in Vietnam for one month or three months, you can make it possible with this visa on arrival option. In addition, under visa on arrival for both one month and three months visa type, you can opt for single or multi-entry. So, for Vietnam visa applying via visa on arrival is a knowledgeable choice.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival via Noi Bai Airport; ChecklistΒ 

Travel to Vietnam withΒ Vietnam Visa on Arrival via Noi Bai airportΒ is easy. To apply for your Vietnam visa under visa on arrival, you no need to visit the embassy or submit the application by waiting in a long queue. But you need things to apply for your visa successfully.

  1. 100% risk-free website
  2. Full name in the passport
  3. Passport Number
  4. Date of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Visa type
  7. Airport port
  8. Entry and exit date
  9. Email ID
  10. Place to travel
  11. Length of Visa
  12. Purpose of visit
  13. And more
  14. Credit or debit card to make the payment

Once you submit your application, you will receive the visa pass (visa approval letter) within two or three working days. You can start to apply for the fast track service accordingly for the visa collecting and stamping process some in the destination airport of Vietnam.

Eligible for Applying for Visa Via visa on ArrivalΒ 

  1. At least six-month validity passport
  2. Passport should have two blank space
  3. There should not be any criminal case on you

Things Need for the Visa Collecting and Stamping Process at the Noi Bai Airport

No matter whether you are collecting and sampling your own visa or the professional of fast track service, collect and stamp the visa on your passport, need certain things for the verification process. Some of them are,

  1. Visa approval letter (visa pass)
  2. visa entry and exit application
  3. Stamping fee( ready cash in USD)
  4. Two photocopies of your without glass. Most importantly, it should be taken recently.
  5. Passport

Only with this, you can collect your approved visa, and stamp on your passport.

Why It Is Essential To Apply For A Visa Via 100% Risk-Free Website?Β 

Are you looking to apply for your visa under theΒ Vietnam visa on arrival via Noi Bai airport? Then you should hire a trust worth travel agency that has a 100% risk-free website to apply for the Vietnam visa.Β So, why 100% risk-free website?Β Here are the reasons!

  1. With a 100% risk-free website, you can apply for your Vietnam visa without any technician issue.
  2. All your details will be safe and secured. Without your permission, it will not display.
  3. Your Vietnam visa will get approved sooner than you think. Even they will help you get your visa approved with a day.
  4. In case, if your visa rejects by the government of Vietnam, your money will refund without fail.
  5. Also, if there is any problem with the site, and because of that, your visa didn’t approve, they will return your full money. Also, they will help apply for a visa by speed up the process and get your Vietnam visa approved soon.
  6. You can also add on to the rush service for the express speed visa approval process begin.

Why You Need To Apply For Fast Track Service After Your Visa Approved?Β 

The Vietnam fast track service is something that will help you with the complete process at the airport. From stamping you’re approved visa on your passport to taking to the parking area, the fast track service will help you in each and every step in the airport. They even help you in applying visa entry and exit applications.

Some of the benefits you will receive by applying for a fast track service.Β 

  • You will serve as a VIP at the airport
  • The professionals will welcome you with the name board once you land Vietnam.
  • They help lift your luggage.
  • The staff will complete the visa collecting and stamping process within 20 minutes and handover your passport.
  • Snacks and drinks will be given to you at the airport.
  • You can also avail for car pick up service.
  • The professional will take you to the parking area once all the process gets to finish.

Does it’s your first time to apply for a Vietnam visa and visiting Vietnam? Apply for your Vietnam visa underΒ Vietnam visa on arrival via Noi Bai airport, and apply for the fast track service.


Traveling around Vietnam is fun, but many travelers face a lot of problems while at the immigration process. They have to wait at the long queues for hours to get their visa stamped and also they have to undergo lengthy procedures.

Traveling is fun, but many travelers face a lot of problems until they reach their destination.one of the biggest hurdles the visitors usually face is the airport.

Vietnam is a top-rated tourist country which attracts people from all over the world. Every day, you can see a huge number of people migrating to Vietnam for business or tourist purpose.

The Noi Bai Airport Meet and Greet service through arrivals or departures helps out with your secure transfers, baggage, & family travel. The Noi Bai Airport meet and greet service ensure a swift, smooth and safe passage through the airport to make the airport something to look forward to you and your loved ones.

Vietnam is considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This makes many people to visit Vietnam eagerly.

Are you a foreign national looking to travel to Vietnam? Then it is best suggested to arrive at the Noi Bai International airport in Vietnam. This airport is the second most sought after airports in Vietnam.