January 21, 2020
Visa Fast Track

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track in Noi Bai Airport; How to Book?

Are you looking for applying for aΒ Vietnam visa on arrival fast track in Noi Bai airport? Give a pat on your back, as you have chosen the most convenient method! To finish the visa collecting and stamping process at the Vietnam airport it’s a smart choice. You can finish applying for your fast track service with three simple steps. Here we help you how to book fast track service for the airport visa process.

Β Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track in Noi Bai; Steps to Book Fast Track Service

Applying for a fast track service is easy and simple. This service helps you in the airport from welcoming to collecting the approved visa and stamping it. Here we have discusses the booking process of Vietnam visa on arrival fast track in Noi Bai airportΒ in step by step.

Step 1: Filling Out the Application

Fill out the application with the required details asked for. Most importantly, the details should be accurate, and it should be as is in your passport. Here, you will be asked for the details such as,

  • Departure and arrival time (GMT+7
  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Passport Number
  • Flight number

Step 2: Sending the Application

Once finish filling the application, check once again before submitting the application. In case, if you have any changes to make, you have to announce them 48hrs before your departure in your country.

Step 3: Paying for the Service

If you add on to the baggage porters and car pick-up service, you will be asked to pay an extra charge. Here you will be allowed to pay the money via credit or debit card.

Β How Will Staffs help you with Fast Track Service?

Under theΒ Vietnam visa on arrival fast track in Noi Bai airport, you can enjoy the full benefits in the Vietnam airport. All you have to do is, select the right service provider.

Here is how the staff help you once you book for the fast track service in steps.

Step 1:

Once you fill the application and send the application by paying the service fee, the staff will note it down and get ready to service you.

Step 2:

The professional will wait at the landing visa counter with the welcome board where your name will be written once you landed at Vietnam airport. Still, if you can’t be able to notice the professionals, you can make a call to them to make the meet.

Step 3:

To complete the visa procedure at the airport, you have to give the visa approved letter, passport, two passport size photo, entry and exit form, and finally, the stamping fee (ready cash) to the staff.

Step 4:

Within few minutes, the professionals will collect your approved visa, and get it stamped at your passport, and make your passport ready to visit and stay in Vietnam till your visa validity period and handover it to you.

Step 5:

Finally, if you add on to the baggage porters and car pick up service, the professional will help you carry your luggage and take you to your car pickup parking area.

Fast Track Service is Highly Recommended For?

  1. Disable and elderly People
  2. Pregnant women, or women with their children
  3. People who travel with a big group
  4. People who are in need of a rush visa
  5. For the people who visited Vietnam for the first time.
  6. Visitors who suffer from language issues
  7. Vietnam visitors who like to treated as a VIP
  8. VIPs and Celebrities

Note: If you like to make use of these services and assistant to support you best, you should at least book this service four working hours before your flight. If you booked a car pick-up service, outside the arrival terminals, the car would be parked. So, even here you won’t waste your precious time.

The Bottom Line

Got your visa approved letter and now looking for a way to avoid wasting time in the visa process held in the airport since you need to join a meeting in time? Don’t panic! You have a way, and you can join the meeting on time! Wondering how? Via opting Vietnam visa on arrival fast track in Noi Bai airport.

Choose the right airport fast track service provider and book for Vietnam fast track at least four working hours before your flight. The professional will welcome you to the airport, fill the entry-exit application, collect your approved visa, stamp the approved with your passport, and hand over to you. Then help carry your luggage and take you to the parking area where you pick up the car parked. They run your visa procedure more smoothly and quickly. Since the professional will act speedy and get all the process in minutes manner, you can visit the place in Vietnam before the time.


Vietnam is considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This makes many people to visit Vietnam eagerly.

Are you a foreign national looking to travel to Vietnam? Then it is best suggested to arrive at the Noi Bai International airport in Vietnam. This airport is the second most sought after airports in Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country which is known for its rich diversity. The country receives a lot of visitors every year.

One of the most breathtaking parts of Vietnam is its northern side. There is the Halong Bay, and the mind-boggling natural sceneries of the Hanoi city.

So you are planning to visit north part of Vietnam. There is nothing wrong in visiting any part of Vietnam.

The Noi Bai Airport is one of the biggest airport of Vietnam. And it also serves the capital city of Vietnam which further welcomes many travelers around the globe daily.