January 25, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam E-visa Via Noi Bai Airport – What You Ought to Know

Vietnam is a top-rated tourist country which attracts people from all over the world. Every day, you can see a huge number of people migrating to Vietnam for business or tourist purpose. If you are one among them, you know how hard it is to apply for a Vietnam E-visa via Noi Bai Airport and complete the airport procedures. But, don’t fret. There are different types of procedures to apply for Vietnam Visa. Vietnam E-visa via Noi Bai Airport is the most convenient method that involves fewer risks.

Vietnam E-visa via Noi Bai Airport – Low Risk

As mention earlier, there are three different procedures to apply for Vietnam visa. You can apply by directly filling up the form at the embassy, choosing Vietnam visa on arrival or applying Vietnam E-visa.

Vietnam Visa through Embassy

Getting Vietnam visa through embassy is a tedious process and involves more risks. You’ve to travel to the Vietnamese embassy or consulate with all your original documents. If your country doesn’t have a Vietnamese embassy, then the situation becomes even worse. You’ve to choose a Vietnamese embassy or consulate at the nearest country, and apply for Vietnam visa there. This is not going to be simple then too. You must stand in long queue to get your visa application filled and documents verified. It also leads to loss of your original documents, if you aren’t taking proper care of it.

Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Vietnam visa on arrival is the simplest procedure and doesn’t need you to travel to an embassy to apply a Vietnam visa. All it needs is a system with fast internet connection. Fill the Visa application online, pay the service fee and click submit. Double check the basic details entered to avoid any complications. Wait for two days to get your Vietnam visa approval letter mailed to your e-mail. Download a copy of this to show at the immigration to stamp your visa to the passport. You’ve to wait in long queue to get the visa stamped to the passport.

Vietnam E-visa

Vietnam E-visa is a quick, simple yet a costly process. This involves applying for Vietnam E-visa online. Unlike Vietnam visa on arrival, you have to pay the service and stamping fee online. After three days, you will get your e-visa mailed to you in PDF format. Download this copy as you will need at the time of immigration. Like, Vietnam visa on arrival, you don’t have to wait at the destination airport to collect your visa.

However, you must also wait in long queue to get a visa stamp and sticker. Moreover, with a Vietnam e-visa, you can enter Vietnam via road, sea, or air. Only 81 countries are approved to apply and use an E-visa service. The Vietnam E-visa is available for 30 days and single entry only. If you want to extend it, you can do it only when you are in Vietnam.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

Fast Track Service for Vietnam E-visa holders

If you are one among the person who hates waiting in long queue at the airport to get visa stamp and sticker, you can hire a VIP fast track service. It is very quick and easy. All you have to do is fill a registration form, while you are applying e-visa and submit it online by paying an affordable amount. You can pay using your credit or debit card. After the payment, you must mail some basic information to your agency including your name, flight number, travel date, and other details.

How It Works?

The agency receiving the personal details will validate it and assign a staff to pick you at the arrival gate. After that, they will guide you throughout the immigration process. They will also help you in collecting the baggage at the baggage drop-off. They will accompany you through your way to the lounge area and assign someone to take care of your baggage. At the lounge area, you can rest or freely roam around the airport when they are getting your visa stamp and sticker.

Added Benefits

The whole immigration process takes only five to 10 minutes when done through a fast track service. Moreover, they will also offer you a porter service. They will carry all your baggage to the exit. If you are willing, they will also arrange a driver to pick you up from the airport to your accommodation or hotel.


The VIP fast track service for Vietnam E-visa via Noi Bai Airport is affordable and it won’t affect your travel budget. Also, this service is absolutely free for persons with mobility issue. You don’t have to pay any additional charge for the porter service as most of the travel agencies offer it as a complementary package.


Traveling is fun, but many travelers face a lot of problems until they reach their destination.one of the biggest hurdles the visitors usually face is the airport.

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Vietnam is considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This makes many people to visit Vietnam eagerly.

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Vietnam is a country which is known for its rich diversity. The country receives a lot of visitors every year.