March 31, 2021
Business Visa

How To Apply Vietnam Business Visa for Mexican citizens in the Covid-19 Period 

If you are a Mexican citizen and you have an important reason to come to Vietnam these days, then you would be happy to know that you are welcome to visit the country. For instance, you are a businessman and you needed to travel to Vietnam for important business projects, then you will be eligible to enter. But before you can travel, you must first submit several requirements, including a business visa, which your sponsor company should apply on your behalf.

Remember that tourists are still not allowed to enter Vietnam at the moment. If you have no important reason to visit, you will be denied entry.

Who Can Enter Vietnam In This Covid 19 Season?

Applying for a Business Visa to Vietnam for Mexican citizens in the Covid-19 Period 

If you are a Mexican businessman and you have business dealings with a Vietnam-based company, then that company can sponsor your visit to the country. The company will apply for the visa on your behalf. Here’s how to do it.

  • 👉 Step 1 – the sponsor company will produce a letter addressed to the Local People’s Committee of the City you’re visiting. This letter should contain details about the main purpose of your visit. If you are heading to Hanoi, the letter should be sent to the Local People’s Committee of Hanoi.
  • 👉 Step 2 – next, the Local People’s Committee will evaluate the letter and decide if they want you to come. If they agree with your visit, they will issue the travel permit. They will also coordinate with the local health authorities for the hotel where you will have your quarantine.
  • 👉 Step 3 – now that you have a travel permit, the next thing that your sponsor company will do is to apply for the business visa. They should submit the travel permit along with the other requirements to the Vietnam Immigration Department.
  • 👉 Step 4 – after about a week, the Vietnam Immigration Department will issue the business visa. Now you can book your flight and travel to Vietnam.

Restrictions and Quarantine When Entering Vietnam During Covid 19

Remember that a visa is not the only requirement to travel to Vietnam during this time of the pandemic. Here are the requirements and restrictions that you need to prepare for.

👉 Before Entry

  • Before you fly to Vietnam, you should book a quarantine facility from the list of the hotels that the local health authorities have designated as quarantine facilities. Your hotel booking should be good for 14 days. It must also include a pre-booked vehicle that will pick you up from the airport going to your hotel since you cannot take any public transportation.
  • A negative Covid-19 test certificate will also be required for all visitors. The test must be taken at least 3 to 5 days before your flight. It should be done at a WHO-certified lab in Mexico, or wherever country you came from.
  • Vietnam authorities have also required all visitors to have insurance that could cover the cost of Covid-19 treatment. For those who do not have insurance, their sponsor company should be willing to pay the cost of the treatment if they get sick of Covid-19 while in Vietnam.

👉 Upon Entry

When visitors arrive at the airport of Vietnam, they will be subjected to random checks to see if they have any symptoms of the Covid-19 disease, such as fever and cough. Before they will start with their quarantine, they will be tested for Covid-19. Anyone who will be found to be positive of the disease will be taken to a medical facility for treatment. The other travelers who have no symptoms can go directly to their hotel.

👉 At the Quarantine Facility

Travelers are expected to follow the health and safety protocols to fight the spread of the Covid-19 virus. Anyone who will violate the rules will be penalized. Travelers who start to develop symptoms should call the health authorities immediately so they will be isolated and tested.

While in isolation, the travelers will be tested twice. The first test will be done on their sixth day of quarantine and the second test will be on the last day. If both test results are negative, they can end isolation and go on with their business transactions in Vietnam.

Consult with a Local Agency for Assistance

As you can see, it can get really complicated to travel to Vietnam these days. You might want to hire a local agency for assistance in the application for your business visa. The agency can also help you if you don’t have a sponsor company that can request the travel permit from the Local People’s Committee. They will also assist in booking your hotel for quarantine and all the other requirements needed to enter Vietnam these days. You will find several Vietnam-based agencies online. Feel free to send them a message and inquire about how you can travel to Vietnam these days as a Mexican citizen.


For Mexican visitors to Vietnam, the cost of the e-visa processing is $25 if applying your e-visa through  the government website

Of all the Vietnam visas you can apply for, it is the Vietnam e-visa that’s the easiest to avail. Here’s how you can get this visa: First, go online and access the website where you can apply for the Vietnam e-visa.

There are certain requirements that Mexican citizens need to submit when applying for the e-visa. Here are the requirements you need to prepare: A passport that’s valid for at least six months from your arrival date in Vietnam.

The Vietnam e-visa process for Mexican passport holders is quite easy and quick and you just need to wait for 3 working days and visa is with you. It helps those people do not have much time to opt for the traditional procedure or is stuck with important work.

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Mexico 🇲🇽? Please see below for information of Vietnam Embassy in Mexico Address: Sierra Ventana No 255, Col. Lomas de Chapultepec, Del.