April 2, 2021
Business Visa

How To Apply Vietnam Business Visa for New Zealand Citizens in the Covid-19 Pandemic

Just like with the rest of the countries around the world, Vietnam has to close its borders last year to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. But in order to revive its economy and welcome foreigners back into the country, the government has opened its borders again. However, they will only allow the entry of visitors who have essential reasons to visit the country. Therefore, New Zealand citizens who wish to go to Vietnam for business can now apply for their business visas. The visa is an important requirement for all essential visitors visiting Vietnam during this Covid-19 pandemic.

Who Can Enter Vietnam In This Covid 19 Season?

Applying for a Business Visa to Vietnam for New Zealand Citizens in the Covid-19 Pandemic

To apply for a business visa to Vietnam, you will need to have a sponsor company that will apply for the visa for you. The sponsor company will also be required to write a letter to the Local People’s Committee to ask permission for your entry. Here’s the process.

  • First of all, your sponsor company will need to write a letter to the Local People’s Committee of the city that you intend to visit. So if you’re going to Hanoi for business, then the letter should be sent to the Local People’s Committee of Hanoi. The letter should explain the reason why you should visit Vietnam and the kind of business that you have.
  • Next, the Local People’s Committee will evaluate if your reason is valid. If they approve your visit, they will issue the travel permit. They will also coordinate with the local health authorities for your quarantine facilities.
  • After receiving the travel permit, your sponsor company can go to the Vietnam Immigration Department to apply for your visa. When applying for your visa, they should submit the travel permit from the Local People’s Committee and other requirements.
  • If the Vietnam Immigration Department will approve your visit, they will issue the business visa. Now you can start booking your flight to Vietnam.

Restrictions and Quarantine Requirements When Entering Vietnam During Covid 19

Since we’re still in the middle of a pandemic, Vietnam would like to make sure that all the visitors that enter the country do not carry the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, New Zealand citizens who wish to visit Vietnam these days would have to quarantine upon arrival. Here are the restrictions and quarantine requirements for all foreigners.

👉 Before Entry

  • All visitors will be quarantined upon arriving in Vietnam. Therefore, before your flight, make sure you have booked your quarantine facility. You can choose from any of the hotels that the government of Vietnam has designated as a quarantine facility for foreign visitors. Your booking should be good for 14 days. You will be asked to present the voucher upon boarding your flight.
  • Next, all foreign visitors should be able to present proof that they are negative of the Covid-19 virus. Therefore, you have to get tested for the Covid-19 virus at least 3 to 5 days before your flight to Vietnam. The test should be conducted at any of the WHO-accredited laboratories in New Zealand.
  • Insurance is also required for all visitors to Vietnam. It should be able to cover the cost of your treatment in case you will get infected with the Covid-19 virus while in Vietnam. For those who do not have insurance, their sponsor company must be willing to cover the cost of their treatment.

👉 Upon Entry

When you arrive at the airport of Vietnam, you will be subjected to random medical checks. Anyone who has been found to have the virus will be isolated for testing. For the rest of the travelers, they can proceed to their waiting vehicle and travel to their hotel for quarantine. As for those who have been found to be positive of the coronavirus, they will be taken to a medical facility for treatment.

👉 At the Quarantine Facility

While in isolation, all foreign visitors must follow the health and safety protocols that the local health authorities have imposed for epidemic prevention. These include avoiding contact with anyone outside of their hotel room. They should also monitor their health and inform the authorities if they start to develop symptoms. During isolation, they will be tested for the Covid-19 virus twice. Both tests should return negative so they will be released from quarantine.

Consult with a Local Agency for Assistance

These days, traveling to Vietnam can get very complicated. But if you have a very important reason to visit the country and you need assistance in the processing of your visa, consider consulting with a local agency. The agency is very familiar with the process involved in applying for a business visa and can make the process easier for you. In fact, for New Zealand citizens who do not have any sponsor company but would need to visit Vietnam, the agency may be able to help with applying for your travel permit and visa.


As compared to the offline process of application, the online process is simpler and more convenient. You can use any device like smartphone or PC for Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand online.

What is Vietnam e-Visa? Vietnam e-visa is an online visa approval process available to New Zealanders, among other foreign nationals. Payment and delivery of the visa is done completely online, and probably takes 3-4 working days.

Yes, obtaining a tourist visa is mandatory for the New Zealand’s passport holders if they wish to visit Vietnam. The visa categories in this case vary according to the length of the stay and the purpose for which they are visiting.

Open the official website for Vietnam e-visa application https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.

The following are the requirements for New Zealand citizens need to fulfill for Vietnam e-visa. A six months valid passport with 2 blank pages.

Vietnam e-visa system allows New Zealanders to apply for a visa online within minutes without going to the embassy. New Zealand citizens can apply for Vietnam e-visa, get it approved and delivered at their email address.

E-visa or electronic visa, is a document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department to foreigners who wish to visit Vietnam. But, E-visa is applicable for only 80 countries and not for all the foreigners.

There are three options to get a visa to enter Vietnam, including the embassy, visa on arrival, and E-visa. Of course, we all know applying through embassy is long process and it consumes a lot of time.