March 1, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

How to get Vietnam E-Visa for Venezuelan Citizens?

Vietnam is one of the most popular destinations, which is on the list of every traveler. The Vietnamese government launched the e-visa program with an intention to simplify the visa process. Citizens from 46 countries are eligible to apply for the Vietnam E-Visa including Venezuela. If you are a Venezuelan citizen, who is looking to travel to Vietnam, make sure to apply for a visa. This article will help you with ideas on various ways to apply for a Vietnam Visa.

What are the required documents for a Venezuelan citizen to apply for a Vietnam e-visa?

As a Venezuelan Citizen, you must make ready the following documents to apply for the Vietnam e-visa

  1. Original Passport size photograph with a validity of at least 6 months after you reach Vietnam
  2. A credit or debit card
  3. Scanned copy of the first page of your passport
  4. Scanned copy of your passport size photograph. Photo Guide

How many days does it take to receive the E-visa?

There are three types of waiting time to receive the E-Visa. So, you might receive the visa based on that, they are –

  1. If you choose the Standard Processing Time, you are likely to receive the visa in Five business working days
  2. Under Rush processing time, you will get the e-visa to your email in Four working days
  3. With the Super Rush processing, it just takes Two working days for the e-visa processing.

What is the Validity Time for Vietnam E-visa?

The Vietnam E-visa comprises of a validity of only 30 days, which includes your date of arrival in Vietnam. Moreover, it is a single entry visa, meaning you cannot go back to your country and come back. Even if you have to do so, you will have to apply for a new Vietnam visa.

What are Vietnam E-visa Necessities for the citizens of Venezuela?

  1. If you have visited Vietnam E-Visa, you can remain in the country only for 30 consecutive days, after your entry into the country.
  2. The Venezuelan travelers, who are looking to visit Vietnam must have their passport with a validity of at least six months from their date of entry into the country.
  3. The Vietnam E-visa is available only for 30 days with a single entry type visa. In case, if you are looking to stay in the country for more than 30 days, it is good to apply for a Vietnam Visa on arrival, where you can opt for multiple entries visa, meaning you can leave the country and visit several times, within the duration mentioned on the visa.
  4. If minors are traveling with you, and if they possess their own passport, they must also complete a Vietnam e-visa process appropriately. For minors who are still on their parent’s passport, they will have to be included on their parent’s Vietnam e-visa application.
  5. The Venezuelan citizen must carry a copy of their e-visa, at all times during their stay in Vietnam.

How to Apply for Vietnam E-visa for Venezuelan citizen?

To apply for cheap Vietnam e-visa for Venezuelan citizen, you need to get prepared with the required documents like – Credit/debit card, scanned copy of passport, scanned copy of passport without wearing glasses, the following are the steps to apply for a Vietnam E-visas

Step 1:

Firstly, you must choose a travel agency that offers a 100% risk-free service. They must guarantee a refund, just in case if your Vietnam application gets rejected by the government.

Step 2:

The next step is to fill out the online application presented on the travel agency website. Take care to fill out the correct details while filling out the online application form. Some of the details that you are required to fill are –

  • Your Full name as stated in the passport
  • Age
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Valid e-mail Id to receive your e-visa
  • Validity of your passport and its number
  • The Date of entry and exit
  • The Port of entry and exit, and more

Step 3:

Double check your application form, and then use your card to pay off the Vietnam visa fee.

Step 4:

You will probably receive your Vietnam e-visa and the instructions for the visa stamping process to your email. You have to take a print of this visa and have it with you. Moreover, you are required to carry this letter always.


To apply for cheap Vietnam e-visa from Venezuela, you must work with a reliable travel agency to process your Vietnam e-visa application. So that, you could get your visa fast without any hassles. Also, make sure that the agency you choose offers a 100% risk free service, and 100% money back, if your application gets rejected by the government of Vietnam. . Contact us now for your Vietnam e-visa application needs from Venezuela!


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