October 21, 2019
Visa tips

How to prevent the problem with the Vietnam Visa stamp?

Upon arrival at the Vietnam airport, you will come to the Visa Landing office to obtain the Visa sticker to place into your passport. After that, you will come to the Customs Counter to check-in. The blue stamp will be issued for you in this session.

To prevent any problem, after the officer returns your passport, you need to check carefully there are 2 stamp in your passport was issued or not.

1. The Entry stamp. This stamp will show the date you entered Vietnam
2. Permitted numbers of days you are allowed to stay in Vietnam. The stamp says that you are permitted to stay until… day … month … year.
It means you can stay in Vietnam for number of days which is said in the stamp and you must exit Vietnam before the end-day unless you extend your Visa.

Customs official counter at Tan Son Nhat airport

* When you exit Vietnam, an Exit stamp will be issued into your passport next to the Entry stamp.

Please check all these information carefullly before you leave the Custom counter at the airport.

Hope you have a great trip to Vietnam!


Overview about Vietnam visa policy Vietnam visa policy has been improved in the past few years to promote the development of tourism industry. The number of international tourists to Vietnam is growing steadily.

From 1 Jan, 2015, the new law on Entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam will be taken effect. Following this new law, Vietnam Immigration law will have some changes.

Applying for a Vietnam visa on arrival is so easy and convenient for applicants. Once obtaining a pre-approved letter, a tourist or businessman can get his or her visa at a Vietnam international airport.

One of the most important lessons travelers learn is that they should work only with trustworthy individuals and companies. Whether it is booking a hotel room, finding a great rental car or securing travel documents, travelers need to be careful.

Belonging to the lists of four most common types of Vietnam visa on arrival, three month multiple entry visa brings lots of advantages for tourists in need of entering Vietnam by air. With this kind of visa in hand, tourists can enter and exit Vietnam as much as they want during their visa validity.

Whether you plan to visit Vietnam for business or pleasure, it is important to understand the entry requirements for the country. A trip to Vietnam can be a once in a lifetime experience, but a problem with your passport or Visa could easily ruin the trip.