February 7, 2020
Visa Fast Track

Importance of Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Cat Bi airport

Stay away from the hassle of airport immigration procedure by opting for the most effective service. Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Cat Bi airport is the concierge assistance service which will work great for you. It is because, after a long and hectic flight, nobody is interested in going through an immigration procedure, which may take around 1-2 hours in general and, in some acute cases, approximately 3-4 hours.

Well, for any traveler, this is a waste of time. Thus hey may want to relax after tiring flight. Therefore, the service arrives at this point. It will help in dealing with all your immigration procedures, which one may have to go after arriving at the Cat Bi airport, especially if you are traveling with a visa on arrival.

Be that as it may, if you are not aware of, what the service is and how it wills going to support you. At that point, follow the points beneath. We will talk about in detail the need and advantages of profiting the Fast track assistance Vietnam airport assistance.

What is the fast track assistance service?

The service includes assistance which is given to the tourists at the Vietnam airport. It infers that at whatever points the individual who opted for the service lands at the Cat Bi Vietnam airport. Therefore, the service staff will deal with or help them in finishing their immigration conventions bother free.

For the situation, they have picked the CIP service. Then, the staff will likewise help them in their luggage control, the vehicle gets, lodging help, and all the more as well.

The staff will work on the tourist’s behalf and complete the visa processing quickly within like 1-15 minutes. Whereas in general, they may have to go through a lengthy procedure.

Further, the service isn’t an essential one; the traveler can pick if they may wish so. You need to pay the additional charges for selecting the service. Regardless of it might help in mitigating your worry at the Vietnam airport. In any case, if it doesn’t meet your travel budget, then you can skip it also.

But go through all the pros and cons, and it is advised that you plan your travel budget by considering the initial amount of the service as well. It is because it is also a necessary and useful service.

Importance of Vietnam Fast Track service

Cat Bi Airport is one of the six international Vietnam airports operating a number of travelers daily. Therefore, to avoid the waitings and to smoothly go through the airport procedure, hires the assistance help to get through them all easily and quickly.

The Vietnam Immigration fast track assistance service in Cat Bi Airport besides gives flight associations. This is remarkably significant for visitors traveling back to their place.

The individual will be at that point, help you towards the land visa counter so you can quickly get the visa stamp on your passport. Thus, they will help you throughout the immigration process to complete all the related formalities. It will help you to leave the airport quickly. In VIP service, the staff will escort you to your luggage section, where they will handle or manage your stuff. Then they will take you to your vehicle pick up station to make you sit in the car (if you have opted for this assistance also). The process works almost the same when you op the departure service. In the departure, the staff will take you to the boarding flight and make sure that you sit comfortably.

Despite the previously mentioned, it is recommendable help for the individuals as:

  • Buzzy Businessmen’s or specialists visiting Vietnam for business reason
  • Elders, pregnant women’s and individuals with infant youngsters who should refrain from standing in the long queues.
  • Or whatever another individual who doesn’t have the time to wait in the long lines at the Vietnam airport.

Various types of Fast track concierge assistance service available

Fast track concierge assistance service recommends handling your Visa quickly. All the while, you have a choice to pick the kind of fast track assistance service you will require. It is because there are two sorts of Fast track assistance visa services open for you to pick, for instance,

  • Standard fast track assistance service
  • VIP or CIP fast track assistance service

While both the service offers an expedient visa and passport control services at the Vietnam airport. Where for the situation that you select the VIP service, you will get some additional services, for instance,

  • Car pickup service
  • VIP relax lounge service
  • Hotel assistance service
  • Departure assistance service
  • Baggage concierge service

Right now, Visa On Arrival fast track service will offer you to feel like a priority individual just like a celebrity at the Vietnam airport. It is because the service allows you to relax while the service staff will complete your visa procedures and various things.


Vietnam has many wonderful spots to visit. If you are planning for a trip to Vietnam, then you should know everything about how to apply for Vietnam landing visa and the fast track service.

Making the visit and stay in Vietnam is not easy now. Did you know the Vietnam government permitted visa on arrival option for applying for a visa? So, now on, you don’t have to visit the embassy and stand in a long queue to submit the original certificates to apply for a Vietnam visa.

Vietnam e-visa has become the go-to option for a stress-free visa application experience for travellers. As the name suggests, e-visa or electronic visa is a digital document that grants entry to Vietnam.

The Cat Bi airport is located at the city of Hai Phong. It is one of the 6 international airports that accept the Vietnam Visa on Arrival.

Vietnam is a country with a varied cultural heritage and a number of tourist attractions. So, a huge number of tourists plan to travel to Vietnam to spend their holidays.

Numerous travelers visit Vietnam yearly. Vietnam is one of the regions in Southeast Asia which is come to many natural places that attract many tourists annually.