March 12, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Is Vietnam Visa Required For A Citizen Of Burundi?

Vietnam is mesmerizingly beautiful. It has almost every type of natural landscape – from towering mountains, lush green forests, limestone towers to the terrace rice fields, it offers eye-catching views for the nature lovers. Similarly, Vietnam is also home to the biggest natural caves in the world and splendid national parks, waterfalls, lakes and clear ocean waters. Are you looking to travel to Vietnam from Burundi? As a result, you must apply for Vietnam visa for Burundian passport holder to enter Vietnam.

According to the visa exemption list released by the Government of Vietnam, Burundi is not in the list. Therefore, a Burundian traveling to Vietnam must have a Visa for Vietnam.

How to get Vietnam Visa for a citizen of Burundi?

There are two ways in which a Burundian can apply for a cheap Vietnam visa. If the Burundi citizen is traveling to Vietnam by bus, train or cruise, the visa must be obtained at the Vietnam embassy or consulate. In the same way, if the traveler intends to travel to Vietnam by air, he can apply online for visa on arrival.

a) Applying for Visa through the Embassy

To apply for a Vietnam visa through this method, a Burundi citizen must prepare the required documents and submit them at the embassy/consulate.  The traveler must collect these documents along with the passport and the visa after two or three days from the embassy.

In order to get the visa at the embassy of Vietnam,

A Burundian citizen must get in touch with the nearest embassy or consulate located in the neighboring country as there is no Vietnam embassy in Burundi. The nearest embassies/consulates are as follows –

  • Tanzania Vietnam embassy, which is located 644 km
  • Angola Vietnam embassy, located at distance of 1588 km
  • Zimbabwe Vietnam embassy, that is 1742 km away

The citizens of Burundi residing out of the country can contact the Vietnam embassy or consulate located in that nation.

b) Applying for a Visa on Arrival

Kindly note, the Visa on Arrival for Burundian is available only if traveled by air. Nowadays, most travelers prefer Vietnam visa on arrival for the convenience it offers. In this method you don’t have to travel far to the embassy, nor handover your passport. Instead, you can do everything online, and save a lot on your time. It would just take two to three working days to get your Visa approval letter.

What is the procedure for Visa on Arrival Method?

  1. Initially, you have to visit the website, and fill out an online application form. Then make the payment and wait for two to three working days to receive your Visa Approval Letter through email.
  2. Print this Visa approval letter and carry along with your passport, two photographs and the visa stamping fee to get the visa stamped upon your arrival at any one of the international airports in Vietnam.

It is wise to get in touch with an agency that will take the burden of applying for your visa online. When you look for such agencies that offer cheapest Vietnam visa, make sure that they offer 100% guarantee on your payment, in case if your visa gets declined by the government.

What are the required documents to apply for a Vietnam Visa On Arrival?

1. Passport – The original Burundian passport, which has a validity of at least 6 months and two blank pages for the stamping process.

2. Photograph – Two copies of photographs with 4×6 sizes. The photograph must have a white background, and the passenger must not wear any glasses on the photo.

Photo Guide

3. Business Letter – In case, if you are visiting on business purposes, a letter must be obtained from the company situated in the Burundi or the sponsoring company located in Vietnam. A clearly printed business letter on the company’s letter head, addressed to the Vietnamese Embassy. Moreover, this letter must be duly signed by the higher authorities of the company. The letter must contain the following guidelines –

  • A brief introduction of the applicant, the Name as mentioned in passport, the employment status, and the position held in the company.
  • The nature of the business, and the name and addresses of the businesses intended to contact in Vietnam.
  • The type of visa required and the duration of the stay in the country and the assurance of the possession of sufficient funds available for travel.

What is the Vietnam visa cost for Burundi citizens?

The Vietnam visa cost Burundi citizens might vary depending on the type of visa application. The visa fee varies based on the embassy located in each country. While, the visa on arrival fee is US$25 for the Visa stamping, additionally, you must also pay a service fee for the Visa approval letter when applying online.