February 6, 2020
Meet and Greet

Noi Bai Airport Meet and Greet Services: Benefits You Can Enjoy

Vietnam has been one of the most visited countries in the world in recent times. This country is filled with beautiful scenery and exquisite tourist spots, making it a prime attraction for tourists. With the improved products and material creation, this country is also one of the busiest places in terms of business traffic. At least a hundred visitors each day come to this country for the business duties of different professions. This makes the entry points of the capital city of Hanoi some bustling spots. If you are planning a visit to Vietnam, make sure you take the Noi Bai Airport Meet and Greetย service.

Noi Bai Airport Meet and Greet: A busy destination

Noi Bai airport is situated in the city of Hanoi. It is the largest airport in Vietnam in terms of the number of passengers it can handle. This is one of the busiest airports in Vietnam, handling both the arrival and departure to and from this country. Because of the significant number of incoming and outgoing visitors, the counters of this airport remain crowded at all times. As a solution to this problem, the visitors can opt for the Noi Bai Airport Meet and Greetย services after getting a visa, provided by professional companies. At the very least, they can be helpful to the visitors not familiar with the visa-stamping procedures or someone with little time to spare.

Noi Bai Airport Meet and Greet: Assistances at all points

As Noi Bai airport of Vietnam handles two-way traffic, the number of visitors present at one time is massive. In other words, as this airport services both tourists coming and going from Vietnam. So, the time taken for the formalities to complete will also be huge. In this case, the option of Noi Bai Airport Meet and Greetย assistance will be helpful in this regard. Moreover, for the transit passengers, i.e., the passengers waiting in the middle can also use these services to avail of some specific duties. Depending on the passengers, the services can be broadly classified into three categories:

  • Meet and Greet for Transit passengers

This is relevant for commuters who need support in shifting from one terminal to another on their trip. Upon deciding forย Noi Bai Airport Meet and Greetย service, the experts will wait at the arrival station to collect the customer. They will assist in going over the transferal desk principles speedily. They will also provide directional guidance in the shifting between the terminals or within the same location. The professionals will guide the client to the correct boarding gate.

  • Support at the leaving point

The clients coming through Vietnam Visa-on-arrival or E-visa can take advantage of this service. In this process, the allotted professional will help you in the reception area and also help to complete the formalities at the numerous counters quickly. They will also help the clients through the migration and safety authorization process. They will attend the client to the boarding gate and confirm that they look after their requirements on a priority basis.

  • Assistance on entry

When clients choose theย Noi Bai Airport Meet and Greet service upon arrival, they will meet the authorities at the bridge or at the terminal of the airport. They provide assistance to help them quickly complete the formalities of the immigration process. In case the visitor has a visa-on-arrival as their choice, the clients will not need to wait at the counter for visa stamping.

In such cases, the experts will escort them to a lounge, and they will take care of all the procedures in receiving the entry stamp to the passport. The company does not charge any extra money for this service. Otherwise, you can get assistance at the baggage collection point also. Once you get clearance, a porter will carry the bags for you to the necessary entry point. Conveyance into the city will also be provided.ย 

The things to keep in mind

The main thing to keep in mind of this service is that it is not an included service, and nor the airport or the flight company is responsible for anything ofย Noi Bai Airport Meet and Greet service. Companies at the airport provide this assistance and usually you need to pay them beforehand, at least 24 hours before the plane touches down in Vietnam. Therefore, proper verification and research will help from getting duped or overcharged.


One of the busiest airports of Vietnam is the Noi Bai Airport. After you have turned up at the Noi Bai airport to get access to Vietnam, you will have to wait in the long queues for a prolonged time-frame to accomplish all the formalities inside the airport.

Are you planning to visit Vietnam and wondering how to apply for the Vietnam visa? You are at the right place. Here we are going to explain the complete procedure you need to go through when apply for the Vietnam landing visa in Noi Bai Airport.

The international airport of Noi Bai is the largest in Vietnam in terms of total visitor handling capacity. It is situated in the capital city of Hanoi and is one of the busiest airports in the country.

When you arrive at the Noi Bai airport, you will see tourists overcrowding the airport. The reason is Vietnam is a bustling nation that witnesses an influx of travelers almost every year.

Are you looking for the Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through the Noi Bai airport service to ease out your visa stamping process? Then the fast track service is the best service for you. The service comes optional to travelers.

Traveling around Vietnam is fun, but many travelers face a lot of problems while at the immigration process. They have to wait at the long queues for hours to get their visa stamped and also they have to undergo lengthy procedures.

Traveling is fun, but many travelers face a lot of problems until they reach their destination.one of the biggest hurdles the visitors usually face is the airport.

Vietnam is a top-rated tourist country which attracts people from all over the world. Every day, you can see a huge number of people migrating to Vietnam for business or tourist purpose.